Pets aren't people, says speaker at Regional Convention. Fido and Mimi better watch out! And instead of drinking wine or beer go do some gardening or play golf.

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  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    @ stuck: how the f#$k can men living in Bethel, who dont have pets, presume to write talks about not getting attached to pets!


    By the same way that men living in Bethel, who don't have children (and probably never will), presume to write talks about how to raise children.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great point ADMS!

    there is a word for people that do that...(well there are many words actually...hehe) HYPOCRITES!

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I see no reason why I can't drink beer and play golf at the same time.

  • skeeter1

    There are two sides to the pet story. I've seen the hoarders. I know a JW who has spent 75% of takehome pay on the care of multiple horses, cats, and dogs. As a result, this JW lived with others, not able to pay a dime towards housing or related costs. I still think everything with moderation, and the WTS has a point here. Alot of peope in the WTS are emotionally needy people and a few have a tendancy towards hoarding. Hoarding is not good for the person or the animal. To own a dog, cat, horse, or any animal, you have to be ready for emergency medical. That means having an extra few thousand available. The ER pet hospital will not admit my dog until I paid them a $1,500 advance. And they used that up on me within 24 hours of "care" where they did nothing but take a few blood tests and give an IV. The doctor then wanted another $1,500 for the care of my very old dog for the next 24 hours to see how the liver functioned. I made the decision to put him down. Based on him being 15 years old, advanced cancer, and liver issues.

    i think that if you can afford to care and spend time with the animal, then all is good. My fido is here with me right now. He takes about 1 to 2% of our income.


  • Pacopoolio

    JWs have historically downplayed animals to a great degree to avoid the pesky "why would God create animals to suffer if he's good," issue.

    According to their theology, God is good and perfect and wouldn't think of doing cruel things, also, according to their theology, animals lived before humans and the fossil record backed that up. Well, animals obviously killed each other before humans were on the planet, so to cover that issue up, animals don't "feel" in the same way as humans and are "not like humans and shouldn't be thought of as such and don't care about living forever even though they fear death," so it's fine that a loving God would require people to slaughter them for sins and say it's ok to eat them.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    So after a day of work, rather than relaxing with a drink, you go for the other optional activities. But when you're done gardening or whacking balls and would like to sit down and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine... uh oh, traumatized conscience returns, must go gardening or whacking balls again. This could become a fatal cycle.

    Headline: "JW Man Gardens Himself to Death after Attending WT Crapvention - Doctors Say Beer Could Have Saved His Life"

    Sure, pets take time and money. Installing and maintaining indoor plumbing takes time and money. Gardening and golf both take time and money, too. Sure, I've done plenty of gardening that returned a fair amount of produce. But I've bought plenty of seeds and tended plants that died before yielding and were a total waste of time. And isn't tending flowers and bushes a waste of time and money?

    GB to children: "Your beloved pet is worldly. 'It' is a satanic waste of time and money that Jehovah will destroy at Armageddon. But cheer up, Jehovah will replace your demonic animal with a perfect panda in the new system!"*

    *Footnote: Pandas will only be available where there is a suitable food supply. There won't be any zoos. So you'll only get to see a panda for a couple of days every million years, if you're approved to travel. As a perfect person by WT standards, you will not want or need any kind of pet. Even in paradise you won't have time or money for such animals because we'll have plenty of meetings and new scams to keep everyone slaving for the corporation.

  • Oubliette

    The GB are micro-managing a$$holes that don't have anything better to do than meddle in the private lives of their members. The reason: they don't have lives of their own! - 1 Peter 4:15, 2 Thessalonians 3:11, 1 Timothy 5:13

    1 Peter 4:15 1 Peter 4:15 1 Peter 4:15

  • LV101

    I hate that loser's talk. Wish someone would cage him along with the rest of his cohorts.

    Why don't they do something worthwhile, meaningful and constructive and turn all the Bethel properties into dog havens where man can learn to keep care of something precious and wonderful.

    Evil losers.

  • millie210

    Anyone else notice that in all of Blondies quotes there was the factor of either time or money mentioned.

    Fitting as that is what THEY are asking for from people also.

    All their other reasoning is just fluff.

    And why mention golf? The gardening I get but golf is an expensive sport to get in to. Why not tennis or jogging?

    Could it possibly be because they only speak of what they know?

  • Xanthippe

    Magnum, love your kitten rescue story. We have rescued two strays that took shelter in our garden. I re-homed one with a work colleague but my daughter decided she was keeping the other one. He was a sorry sight, so thin and starved. He's made a lovely big tabby now and seems none the worse for his ill treatment, very affectionate. So we added him to our cat family, and then there were four!

    Yes they can feel sadness and be lonely and even jealous which doesn't surprise me as we evolved too and we feel all those things.

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