How Accurate Is JWN In Your Opinion?

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    I have used credible breaking news here with my husband. He depends on JWN to get the inside scoop on new publications and enough information on the conventions that he can "fake it".

    As I keep my private life strictly that, it would be hypocritical for me to poke my muzzle into other people's homes - unless they are clearly very comfortable with talking about it.

    I get the impression you could get your husband entirely out (would be mainly his doing) - I ass-u-me he isn't else why is he attending conventions - but something stops you. Is it repercussions for his other loved ones, or that you don't mind, or that you are quite content having a mole within so your kingdom-preaching (wink) here is better accomplished, or ?

    All "or"s are widely overlapping. And, thanks on the other matter.



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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I know a few subjects. JWN is inaccurate most of the time. We are not journalists. Information is widely available today. There are much better sources of information. Sometimes I think my eyeballs will pop out when I am reading posts. People believe what they want to believe. It conforms to their biases. This is a human reaction. I received training and practice to stay neutral. Yet I am certain my biases invade my thought process. From my first casual glance at titles, I knew this was not a place for accuracy.

    There are other places to find information. What I value in JWN is the spectrum of passionate opinions. This forum is excellent for raising subjects that I can research elsewhere. Some members post carefully researched information. I learned about the falsehoods of the Witnesses decades ago. Before this forum, however, I could not share feelings about the Witnesses. Also, I relish the parodies. They are so well done.

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    I've noticed that when doctrinal, scriptural or even scientific matters are discussed, others invariably chime in with supporting and even contradictory information often citing sources. While it may not be perfect or even "accurate," it is a more complete discussion than you would find in the pages of the Watchtower or Awake, where the supporting "evidence" is at most pulled out of someone's ass.

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    Thanks, jgnat! I've speed read all your submissions in that thread.

    I trust he's no longer feeling like a "whipped dog".

    In my direct experience, deceived jWs include many of the very kindest, most trusting, most giving open-hearted people that there are.

    (Some never recover; sounds like he's one of the lucky ones. That he has a loving spouse who stuck with him through the Great Tribulation counts for a lot).

    This fact about the nature of its victims, and the harm done to kids, further fuels and focusses my godly hate (term tm WTS) for the disgusting organization.



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  • snare&racket

    There is a lot of b.s. here because there are a lot of people here .......and people carry opinions and ideas ......and we are mostly wrong.

    People need to protect themselves by getting informed or educated. If they feel it is too late for them, ensure their children or grandchildren do.

  • jgnat

    Heck, there's a lot of BS on the internet. People must develop their own BS meters, and skeptically review all information that comes across their plate.

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    Jgnat, why does your husband have to fake it? Just wondering...

  • snare&racket

    I agree jgnat, that is my point x


    Is a forum full of opinions accurate?..

    "Yes and No"..

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