How Accurate Is JWN In Your Opinion?

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  • minimus

    Would you say this board gives accurate information, overall? If someone started reading the comments here, do you think they would find this discussion board as accurate?

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    'Accurate' seems an odd choice of words given most of what is on here is opinion or personal experience. As for information presented as fact - it would be very difficult to assess its accuracy.

  • nonjwspouse

    I found that for me being a non jw married to an inactive person raised as JW, it helps put pieces of his personality puzzle together. This site helps me to understand the common JW "trained" mindset. That helps me tremendously in trying to figure out how to best communicate, to understand, to counteract.

    Advice here has been priceless for me.

    Filtering is always nesseary on internet forums, since of course some advice or information will be outlandish. But when over time the commonality of stories, and advice fits, then I see it as valuable and accurate.

  • Ocean1111

    In all honesty people have to look into matters for themselves. If JWN started claiming infallibility it would be as bad as the GB. Thinking for oneself and doing one's own research is the point of the argument against Bethel. But so quickly will people devolve into the same hypcocrisy as Bethel, like removing and "shunning" people who do not tow the "party line" as Bethel does.

    One has to be careful to go from the pan to the water, not a worse fire. I do not blame JWs for the role their leaders play in this subversion of truth. JWs simply do as they are told to do by men, not the Bible, they have a clever middleman now in the GB. (2Thess2:3-4) At the same time I feel Bethel is not just subverting JWs but are also diverting their critics in a different manner, so no one is really figuring out Bethel is the apostasy and more. And worse, Bethel is an act, not really run by even sincerely Christian claimant men believing their own claims, they are "strangers".

    (John 10:1) “Most truly I say to you, He that does not enter into the sheepfold through the door but climbs up some other place, that one is a thief and a plunderer.

    If one can see that, that also changes a major assumption many JWs critics hold, and it changes the nature of the meanings of what will befall Bethel soon, because though seeming externally brought about, it is aided internally from the rogue GB dictator tyrants of Bethel itself. They are who guide the ship to ruin, and their immense profiteering. Bethel has clearly become everything they accuse "Christendom" of being, but in far more modern and serious form, it is terminal now, but every element is present, merely hidden by the latest "sheep skin" veneer at Bethel.

    In that way JWs are fooled, and so are most JW critics. Bethel is one strange anomaly in certain ways, not just a random hypocrisy. (Dan8:12-14; Isa28:21). The thing is it is JWs who should be the ones who clearly see the pattern repeating. Bethel is the core classic apostasy, it is central, not distributed to opposers on the street where Bethel focuses all attention. The Bethel condition i actually worse then even it's critics imagine.

  • jgnat

    How accurate is an opinion?

  • Dis-Member

    They would have to wade through the oceans of opinion and the masses of debates in order to find accurate information here. More of a heated discussion forum than a source of accurate information I'd say. Even when information is posted it becomes hotly debated, argued against, often discredited, even ridiculed or picked to pieces.

    I personally don't come here for facts.. mostly for headline updates and to read about the human experience side of things.

  • quellycatface

    I think it is like "Cheers", the TV programme. You find warmth, hospitality and good conversation. I'm not sure if "accurate" is a word I'd use but I've always found good and well-intentioned advice here. The kind you get from good mates.

    Great place to be really.

  • jgnat

    I have used credible breaking news here with my husband. He depends on JWN to get the inside scoop on new publications and enough information on the conventions that he can "fake it".

  • eyeuse2badub

    We are all experts on our OWN opinion. So OUR opinion is always accurate--right?

    just saying


  • cofty

    I think the comments by ocean1111 above illustrate the issue.

    When you mix some facts with "bible prophecy" and add some conspiracy theories it can hardly be called accurate.

    "Let the reader use discernment".

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