Entertainment for International Delegates

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  • solomon

    The band sounds like they didn't practice very much. I also am thinking that they chose the entertainers based on their spirituality(status) and not their musical ability.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    When I was young back in the 1950s-60s we would often have special movie nights when a missionary or a visiting servant would bring his semi-pro movie projector and show us films made in trips to Africa or the Middle East. What was particularly enjoyable was when they would show some of the African brothers singing and dancing - they were seriously entertaining. One traveling missionary had so much good stuff that they rented the downtown municipal auditorium for one night and even invited the public. I think there were about 800 - 1000 JWs from surrounding congregations that came to see the presentation. I remember how happy those African and Pacific Islander JWs seemed, all dressed up with flowers in their hair and singing local versions of Kingdom songs.

    I made two comments on the YouTube video mentioned above and both disappeared almost immediately - in spite of being quite positive. They just weren't positive enough. Here they are:


    "I was prepared to dislike this video:

    [video link]

    "...because of all the negative issues connected with Jehovah's Witnesses. But I suggest that you watch it while you can (I expect it to have a very short shelf life) and judge for yourself. Yes, JWs can have fun and be a good group to be around. You're not likely to be bothered by drunks, get in a fight, or even see an argument as you would at a "worldly party." But you know, you can have the same party and good times with a bunch of ex-JWs at a meetup. I just wonder if the Governing Body approved this little get together and its being shown to the public. I was a bit surprised to see them include "worldly songs" in their repertoire, but those songs are what made the party fun. When the stop and sing the "Kingdom Songs" (which I'm sure they felt they had to do to avoid being reproved), the party becomes dudsville and boring. The real fun begins at the 30:00 mark, so don't leave (or better - jump ahead) and see them do their version of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" dance. Too bad they had such a limited space, because I bet some of those African-American sisters could have really shown us some moves. I'm glad that everyone seems to have had fun - and I hope they do more of this in the future. Too bad they all had to go back to the Detroit Stadium to sit through a few more sessions of boring talks and overdubbed stage plays. I was glad to see them choose several worldly songs to play - "Stand by Me" was an excellent choice (have you seen that song played by musicians literally around the world? Will make you cry...). Let's hope the organizers are given a pat on the back and a "good on ya!" from their leaders. By the way, as much as liked the "Happy Dance" - it can't hold a candle to the one done by a worldwide contingent of ex Jehovah's Witnesses. [by John Cedars and company] I hope this comment doesn't get taken down before you have a chance to see it. Very enjoyable..."

    The above comment (posted under my real name) disappeared within an hour.

    About three hours later I posted the following comment (as Juan Viejo):


    "Pleased to see JWs having a good time. Their song selection was interesting (see 30:00) and everyone gave their best performance. It would be informative to the public at large to see JWs being happy. Now let's see them playing football or in a baseball game. Let's see them graduating from college and showing off their diplomas. Viewers of this video may not realize what a rare occurrence this type of thing is among JWs - so enjoy! You may never see this type of thing on YouTube ever again. Too bad it was scheduled for the benefit of foreign missionaries and branch representatives - and not for all JWs."

    I think this one had an even shorter shelf life...


    BTW - this video may have a rather short life on YouTube, but it will live forever on my hard drive. I am building a collection of videos that JWs put up that will probably bite them in the ass later - and I want to be able to share them. Eventually they may decide to get with the program and let their history live on the Internet machine, rather than selectively editing their own history as it changes. I love the videos that show 5 year olds getting baptized (do they even understand the qualifying questions?) and then read some JW apologist comment "we don't encourage small children to get baptized - that's just apostate propaganda..."


  • BU2B

    The quality of this production is very poor. It seems like they did minimal rehearsals. Look how out of sync the backup dancers are. Is this what Jws have to look forward to in the new world? Are we trading in Broadway, Vegas and Circ de Solei for this amateur hour?

    I cant speak for the delegates but I cannot see the allure, even when I was mentally in, to going halfway across the world only to see performances worse than amateur night at a dive bar and the same "spiritual program" (indoctrination session) that is playig back home. Whats the difference? Costumes and bigger crowds seem to be it.. Dont know how people spend so much money on this. I would much rather spend 9 days in an all inclusive in Jamaica for the same price or less.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Something to reflect on:

    This "entertainment" evidently had the society's blessing, if it wasn't requested by the society itself (which I believe it was).

    HOWEVER, could you imagine the shit storm if a body of elders arranged such "entertainment" without direction from the society?

    In other words, it's a cult.

  • millie210

    After thinking about this (and reading additional comments made here) all day, I think I know what the bottom line is.

    Things must be MUCH worse than we know for the GB to be turning such a benevolent eye to all of this. Entertainment from the "world" in the Kingdom Hall? Governing body members wearing big buttons on their suits that say JW.Org?

    Yes, things must be near desperation levels.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    millie210, that's a happy thought and makes sense!


  • steve2

    To borrow an old critique of a stage play: "It was worse than offensive; it was badly done".

    Hell, people, if you're gonna perform hits of the sixties in your local kingdom hall, at least hve the deceny to do it well.

  • millie210

    Yeah, the singers (esp the woman), the drummer -baaad!

    Even the back up singers couldnt all sway in the same direction!

    That is neither here nor there though. I still cannot believe it was "allowed" at all!!!

  • sparrowdown

    They will start a reality show next "So, you think you can witness"

    Oh, hang on they have it's the TMS.

  • steve2

    This is so eye-poppingly hypocritical that maybe we should disfellowship them! Who says it only works one way?

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