Your thoughts on demons, ghosts and spirits

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  • designs

    With Peyote all things are possible...

  • notsurewheretogo

    I repeat this many times on here....

    In this day of age, in 2014 where there are more mobile devices on the planet than actual human beings where these devices can record photo and video footage at a high resolution not ONE picture or video has been produced to support evidence of any supernatural phenomenon.

    Therefore one must conclude there are no ghosts/demons/ghouls/mummies/vampires/werewolves/<insert fictional horror creature>



    And the same line of evidence can be used to conclude if there is a god or not...



    Of course, there are still unexplained events that people experience but has nothing to do with anything supernatural.

  • MadGiant

    "In this day of age, in 2014 where there are more mobile devices on the planet than actual human beings where these devices can record photo and video footage at a high resolution not ONE picture or video has been produced to support evidence of any supernatural phenomenon." -

    You are rigth, and Rule 34 is almost unavoidable.


  • Focus

    Splash - re your alleged supernatural encounter - I have responded in situ:

    In general - I'm happy to read the plethora of rational responses here. The nonsense would have been worse 15 years back, lol.

    The absence (i.e. mobile-recording equipment) argument is a sound one, if not totally conclusive. If we can see or hear something but nocam can, strongly suggests it's not real. And since video (unlike stills) is hard to fake, alleged recordings are invariably stills or easily debunked short movies.

    Ditto logic applicable to Jesus-of-the-Bible.

    Sure, there were several deluded kooks, frauds or do-gooders wandering around those desert parts in those days - the "Yeshuayim" Class, say.

    But the absence of a formal recording of the claimed Pilatic events in contemporary Roman records (including reports to H.Q. in Rome), which were often meticulous and included even minor incidents in detail, is very persuasive.

    It is the mysterious case of the dog that did not bark. In some situations, absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

    Summary 1: Barabbas was. "Jesus" bin Babble wasn't.

    There was no reason to suppress the events - a potential rebellion (as per the Bible account) was successfully put down, and law & order maintained. If anything, a reason to boast. No money expended putting down another tiresome Jewish brawl.

    Summary 2: Paul II was a filthy liar and the Paulianity he set up was the moral mother Whore to the Watchtower harlot.

    With Peyote all things are possible...

    Now, that is funny, designs. May many a dromedary leap through your stitching hole.



    ("Skeptic" Class)

  • pronomono

    I am open to the idea of evil spirits if conclusive proof were given, just as I'm open to the idea of God, but faith in such an idea is quickly waning.

    My honest thoughts..... I believe that we attribute what we don't understand in the world to be something that they are not. For instance, it was once thought that someone who was schizophrenic had demons. We know now this to be a mental illness. For people that lived before this illness was discovered, these people were downright scary and still can be today. However, we no longer attribute this illness to demons.

    I do believe that there is supernatural phenomena, but we are not classifying it correctly due to an incomplete understanding. I believe that as science progresses and the tools are made available to properly measure and understand these phenomena, we will see these for what they are, explainable facts of life. In time we will see these not as malevolent or benevolent spirits, but will see them for what they are.

    Of course, these phenomena can often be exaggerated by our own imagination, sleep deprevation, mental illness, preconceived notions, etc. to the point that we believe we have seen or experienced something we can not.


    True experience.....

    In an effort to prove the existence of God, I tried to prove the existence of the demons since God would never answer me. As an eight year old, I cried out to Satan that I would devote my life to him for one supernatural experience...... floating. Satan missed an easy opportunity to have a devoted follower. As an adult, I spent time in a graveyard at night firing off fireworks, the supposed lurking place of demons and spirits...... not one supernatural experience. Maybe they were scared of fireworks? Anyways, in my life, I've made it easy to have an experience that others have "supposedly" had, but to no avail from either side of the forces of good or evil.

  • BU2B

    My answer?

    1. I have never had a "conclusive" experience with anything supernatural.

    2. I know sane people who have claimed to see ghosts/spirits.

    3. Our knowledge as humans of anything beyond the physical world we see is limited.

    4. A few hundred years ago, humans thought they were at the peak of human knowledge and understanding thinking the earth was flat or the center of the universe. To me it is wrong to think we know it all. Just 100 years ago something as simple as a ipad would be unthinkable.

    5. Whether spirits exist or not it does not mean the Bible is true or Jehovah is true etc. The two do not need to be mutually exclusive.

    6. Just as dogs hear sounds we cannot, and other animals can see colors we cannot does not mean these sounds and colore do not exist. Likewise, I reason that just because we cannot see into another dimension/frequency of view or existence does not mean it does or does not exist. I will not rule anything out or be dogmatic. However in the absence of proof, I will refrain from allowing my imagination to take over and believe in wild unprovable theories. I am simply open to the possibility that there may be more to the universe than meets our limited scope of sight and detection. We are very small when you zoom out as it were and we are wise if we remain open minded to various possibilites. I refuse to again become close minded or small minded.

  • Raton

    Before I started taking a slower more caring approach with my wife, I told her that there are demons and they are not where she thinks they are but rather make up the GB. Any group that can knowingly deceive so many people would have to be.

  • Pacopoolio

    The Bible speaks a lot of spirits and possessed individuals, but it strangely has no idea at all what a mental illness is. How curious that is! It's almost as if the former is a goofy explanation for the latter!

    Similarly, people that claim supernatural events typically don't understand one or more of these concepts:

    - waking dreams
    - confirmation bias
    - various mental illnesses
    - night terrors
    - etc.

    Or willfully ignore them as a possibility once they are pointed out (possibly because the idea then becomes "something is wrong with them," rather than, "they are special." How curious that is!

  • Ucantnome

    when you have a problem if your ever going to sleep you need faith. (and it helps leaving the light on)

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    It is something made up by religion to scare us to death and keep us in line.

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