Your thoughts on demons, ghosts and spirits

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  • Crazyguy

    As a JW were taught all about demons but I never had an incident. My wife believes wholeheartedly says her family including her has had problems with them. I have met people that even non religious people that say they have experienced a ghost or a spirit. Funny thing about my wife is she has gone crazy when an object is in the house she thinks is demonized like a book or something. She will put it out side or get rid of it. The thing is she hasn't had a problem with demons in over a year and I have in the house the worst book of all Crisis of Conscience, LOL

    Anyway what's your thoughts on these creatures, do they exist, are they just in peoples minds and if so why do non religious people still seem to think their real???

  • cofty

    100% superstition

  • skeeter1


  • John_Mann

    I play chess with demons.

    I'm still waiting for a game with Satan.

  • Splash

    I've had a personal experience so I cannot agree with the 'superstition' comments.

    Each to their own, but I believe demons exist.


  • rebel8

    Cameras and recording devices are not just more plentiful, their quality is better. And yet, still no proof.

  • Focus

    cofty: 100% superstition

    An interesting assertion from someone who simultaneously believes that Jesus-of-the-Bible existed, lol...

    You do recall you confirmed that belief just a couple of days ago, right? If you've forgotten, I'll happily provide the link, to the first post of your generally defamatory thread about me. And the logic (essentially, that any statement about the elements of the empty set is prima facie true) too.

    As to the OP's question. The view among many dub-dubs is that microwave ovens frequently get demonically possessed, as do certain other appliances. All part of the rich tapestry of WTS-inspired idiocy.

    Splash - don't be bashful, share with us your belief or delusion. More "genuine" UFOs are upper-atmosphere weather balloons than anything else. What was your demon?



    ("AC-DC" Class)

  • kaik

    JWs are totally obsessed with spirits, demons, and satan, that they will see it everywhere except WT publications. I know JWs who whined in field service to sit at farmer table that was wood carved with goat and sheep motifs as were normal from shepherd life. JW with me insisted that the goat resembled demons and refused to have a conversation/bible study with the farmer.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    They do not exist. See C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, for the funniest and best discussion of spooks. The important thing is whether you believe. When the Exorcist was released I knew I would end up in a hospital. My college friends loved it b/c they laughed at the cheap effects. The music upset me.


    As humans, we know very little. My suggestion would be that you conduct your own experiments. Otherwise, you are simply a captive of other's ideas.

    Is it all really just superstition? Is there any truth to any accounts of "supernatural" events? Is the Bible just a skewed re-telling of actual ancient events? Is there ANY truth in the ancient writings?!! Is science the absolute authority on existence? Did some guy exist who provided a foundation for "Jesus?" Is there a common thread to All "myths?"

    YOU need to examine things for YOURSELF. Its YOUR LIFE, YOUR JOURNEY.


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