What's missing from this list of technologies used by JWs

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Why didn't WT use TV?

    Because TV broadcasting costs money.

    You can bet that the pulishers paid for their own phonographs, just as everyone is to be using an Ipad today, but they have to buy their own tablet.

    TROLLEY? The congregation is expected to purchase these and select who stand around talking with them.

    BIG SCREENS? The Congregation or Circuit(s) (which means the publishers) had to purchase these for Annual Meeting or Convention broadcasts.

    However, TV is EXPENSIVE! It would divert a lot of publishers' contributions if the WTS had to purchase time to broadcast their TV Ministry or if they went all out and purchased their own TV Station -- and that would only be for one market unless there was enough interest for syndication (and that's NOT gonna happen!).

    A website is comparatively cheap. MUCH cheaper than printing millions of books, booklets, & brochures. And, it could even prove a means of getting contributions.

    Let's review: Follow the money!


  • Dagney

    They tried broadcasting some PA's in the 90's in some select markets. They were very "Mormon-esque" looking. They decided at the time they did not want to invest the $$$$ it would take to launch and keep up a full scale marketing campaign.

    I do remember the full page ad in the Wall Street Journal.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I was visiting JW friends in a Canadian Province in the 1970's and I saw one JW 'production' acted by local JW's. It seems to me it could possibly have been 15 minutes long . It was awful and embarrassing to watch. It was a long time ago, but it seems to me I was told there were, for a better word, screen plays, sent out from Bethel. The Canadian or American one, I don't know which.

    There were a series of these TV shows. At least 6 maybe more. This conversation and me viewing one 'show' was 40 years ago. I am sure it was before the 'epic' 1975.

    I don't recall much of what was acted on TV, the sister was telling me amusing stories about the 'players' in real life. Some of them she knew personally and they were big headed, egotistical a$$holes, hypocrites!

    She sent me the obituary of one of the 'players' who died last year. Funny, it never mentioned his acting career on TV. Maybe he was embarrassed. Naw , he was an [email protected]@hole.


  • RubaDub

    billboards. The hightech kind, that can change messages and pictures.

    Great idea when there is noo light.

    Rub a Dub

  • scotoma

    I don't know if my original post was clear.

    The list of methods and years they were introduced is a direct quote from the new book.

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