The world cup

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  • John_Mann

    I think it's very disrespectful sport players praying for victory. Praying players deserves to lose.

  • prologos

    John, Man, they prayed even during and after the game. like me,--- after visiting smorgasboard,

    asking for forgiveness?

    an aside: watch the coaches, some players, they cover their face when speaking, why?

    they have been exposed by lipreaders to make some very uncomplimentary remarks. in this game too.

  • prologos

    12= hours to finals kick- off. watch the players during the singing of Hayden's quartet in C major.

    The foreign born, german citizen players do not sing along. are they jws* or do not really feel intregated?

    not like the Dutch TEAM, ALL players sang heartely, , colour no barrier there.

    do names matter?

    Argentine, the Silver symbol Ag. from

    "Argent" money in French vs

    Geld like gold = money in german?

    be entertained.

    * is it not wt policy to have jws perform the patriotic thing a notch below the crowd?

    all stand, - you sit. they bare their heads,-- you keep your hat on. They cover their heart ---you fold your hands.

    they sing, --you do not move your lips.

    they look normal, you look disrespectfully stupid.

  • prologos

    possibly putin present?

  • prologos

    the cup ended by

    GOETZE + imitation god.

  • cofty

    It has been one of the best tournaments ever.

  • EdenOne

    The best overall team won.


  • cantleave

    Great game in the end.

  • prologos

    musings: Siver for Argentinia? what else: Argentinia =the land of silver,- Ag element 47 .

    Goetze scored for germany, became a national idol, in the German language "ein Goetze" so:

    in WT land the GB members are idolized. like "Gerrit der Goetze" but why?

    in all its projections,-- like balls, it's foreward looking prophecies,

    wt has never scored once,

    not once

    since 1879.

    and as far as we know, the goal was not defended, or?

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