How do you shut your mind down so you can get a good night sleep???

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  • androb31


    I suffer from the same type of sleep issues. My best suggestion is to take 500-1000 mg of GABA an hour before bed. It's a natural supplement that is incredible for stopping the racing thoughts and stress. I also supplement the GABA with 5-htp or tryptophan which is also a natural supplement. GABA is a natural seratonin reuptake inhibitor and 5-htp/tryptophan is a seratonin booster in simple terms.

    You can also supplement those w/ a sleep aid. The one that works best for me is doxylamine succinate which is an alternative to diphenhydramine which to me has a bad effect that causes sluggishness and lethargy which lingers thru parts of the next day.

    Hope this helps.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I escaped the tower at 31. I spent the next 30 years looking for a good nights sleep.

    Now that I am retired I sleep whenever I feel like it.

    But to sleep within a certain time frame and have to get up the next day and perform

    was always difficult for me.

    I spent my life wearing myself out with exersize and knocking myself out with beer.

    You could try paxil, or celexia, I have taken those and they slow me down.

    They slow my thoughts down and everything else.

    I tried to quit about a week ago and my wife could tell right away.

    I take 5 mg of melatonin before I go to bed every night also.

  • forest heathen
    forest heathen

    This tea taste good and will knock you out ...

    So relaxing it also makes you feel pretty mellow and happy.

    No illegal herbs in it. Don't worry.

  • RubaDub

    Find a doctor to prescribe wine in conjunction with masturbation?

    Rub a Dub

  • Gregor


    A man of simple and effective methods.

    Rub in some juice of the vine and you will sleep fine...

  • MissFit

    He y jam: i couldn't get to sleep tonight. Just wondering if any of the sleep advice worked.


  • jam

    MissFit. I walk in the evening now and no sweets after nine,

    no pills yet. Walking in the evening, soft music, no TV after

    10 oclock or talking with you folks here. I slept pretty good

    last nite. Maybe a good 5 hrs sleep, that's an improvement...

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    Go to your doctor and ask for a prescription for Ambien. (or the generic version Zolpidem) It's a 1000 times better then all the other suggestions I've read so far. Melatonin doesn't really work. Benedryl (Unisom) somewhat works but you feel like a zombie whe whole next day. Alcoholic beverages might might make you fall asleep at first but you'll usually wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep.

    Ambien puts your right into a deep sleep. You sleep the whole night through and feel refreshed the next day. It's a miracle. Ask around and find a doctor that will give you a long term prescription. A lot of doctors only want to give you a prescription for a few weeks to get you over the hump. But what do you do then? I've been taking it for years with no adverse side effects. I love it.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    According to Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab international which conducted this research, music produce a greater state of relaxation and this music "weightless" the top song. The music "weightless resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in in participants overall anxiety, and 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates. Equally remarkable is the fact the music was actually constructed to do so. The group that created "weightless" Marconi Union did so in collaboration with sound therapists. It carefully arranged hormones, rhythm, and bass lines help slow a listener's heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.Saw this in the news today. On youtube "Weightless" 15 million hits.

  • zeb

    Thanks to you all. Good grief I thought it was only me!

    Hey folks think how those who are uber get on?


    I have also a few mos back started reading a new King James bible each night. it is just the wording and the history. (thanks to Jason Zelda) and the uncorrupted w.o.g.

    I am better than I once was perhaps as I have removed processed sugar from my diet. Yes I know it is in this or that but I don't 'add' sugar to anything. I/ we rarely eat processed food. Watch out for food colourings and preservatives. Rule of thumb: the brighter the colour the worse the effect.

    love to you all.

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