How do you shut your mind down so you can get a good night sleep???

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  • jam

    The more I learn about JW's the harder it is

    to sleep at night. The wife hit the pillow and within 5 min.

    she is snoring. I count sheep and around the 100th sheep

    jumping over the fence my mind drift back to the borg sheep,

    goat, straddle the fence and etc.

    That is not too much to ask, a good night sleep folks and shut out that damn cult..

    That is probably one of the simplest request to GOD, a good

    night rest.

  • snowbird

    A nice glass of milk or wine?

  • TTATTelder


    I usually read myself to sleep, but some nights I do the Nyquil thing. I have some sinus issues so the cold meds aren't a bad thing for me.

    I know the feeling though. Take care...


  • LisaRose

    I listen to mellow music in the hour before I go to sleep, I also meditate, and no TV or computers. If that fails, I take a benaryl, it's an allergy pill, but also sold as a sleep aid under the name Unisom. It's very mild, not habit forming and doesn't leave me groggy the next morning.

  • Bella15

    The sound of rain makes me fall asleep faster ... I have a little machine with different sounds. Don't fight it.

    To stop intrusive, racing thoughts, put an rubber band around your wrist (as bracelet), pull and hit yourself with it, this will confuse the brain, kind of giving an electrical shock to the brain :) NO KIDDING. I do this anytime my mind goes on auto pilot ... do as many shocks as necessary ...

  • jam

    snowbird, Lactose Intolerance (that would deninitely keep

    me awake) but thw wine sounds good.

    TTATTelder, Nyquil is over the counter med so no danger of

    becoming additive.

    LisaRose, I will look into Unisom. I have taken the TV out of the


    Bella15: the rubber band, that is way I love this place. I ready to

    try anything for a goood night sleep.

  • jam

    Sorry" that is why I love this place".

  • Defianttruth

    Before I had to become responsible. A joint, a glass of wine, and Mozart. The best sleep I ever got. Too bad, I haven't been able to sleep in over a decade.

  • DesirousOfChange

    A nice glass of milk or wine?

    EDITED TO CORRECT: A nice glass of milk or wine?

    BETTER EDIT: A nice glass of milk or BOTTLE of wine?

    Merlot or Cabernet, please.


  • Vanderhoven7

    What works for me is counting backwards from 100 with every breath I take. As you inhale you think "ninety" and as you exhale you think, "nine" and try to work your way to single digits. If you make it to 1 you are an achiever. I might have made it there twice. If you get off track, resume backwards counting from where you left off and you will put your mind to sleep before you know it.

    Another home remedey that works....but for hicups: 1 teaspoon of peanut butter. Believe me it works unless you have a peanut allergy.

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