Jehovah's Witnesses "New Donation" Arrangement Update!

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  • Littleleslie

    Hi everyone,

    Please check out this you tube video on the "New Donation" Arrangement Update. Its pretty interesting.

    See link below.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Mike & Kim,

    In a way of constructive have made a 14 minute video here.

    The previous one of your videos that I would have liked to watch was 38 minutes.

    I just can't do it. And, I suspect many others can't either.

    There really can't be 14 minutes of material there. More is NOT better.

    Please edit these things to be concise and brief, make your point, and get out.

    I think you'll get a much greater audience and thereby have a much greater impact.



  • clarity

    Doc ....with all due respect to you, these are

    authentic people, relating to real people.

    This is not a commercial, not a business, not

    for money.

    Yes, everything could be shorter, faster & to

    the point. They know all about that...

    For most of their lives ....they gave "to the

    point' talks in the MS....watchtowers way!


  • problemaddict

    I don't think DOC's point is that they should view their you tube video as a "business" clarity.

    But lets be honest, they are making the videos so that people will view them. Maybe a small portion of what they do is for them, or its cathartic, but they are trying to make an impact.

    While they are lovely people and members of this board, it was just abit of constructive criticism. I actually share the pet peve. I really have to set aside some time to watch one of these, and I find myself fast forwarding and trying to get to the point. Apologetics videos have more impact in a place like you tube when they are concise, clear, to the point, and then with thatextra minute be funny and all that. :)

  • scary21

    We have lots of videos that are clear and to the point. I like Mike and Kims because I feel like I'm sitting in the living room with them just ranting about the WT. Don't change a thing. IMHO

  • XstuckX

    I didn't watch it when I saw how long it was.

  • RubaDub

    My suggestion to them would be to follow what the Society did with and Watchtower and offer a simplified version of the video.

    Rub a Dub

  • villagegirl

    I am with desirousofchange, they ramble and are disjointed,

    he has often been drinking and they just muddle up the issues

    and seem like two mal-contents who have no life other than just rambling

    on and on and on and on ......really... really.... boring.

    Its disorganized and irrelevant and not very informative.

    I guess if you know them, its like a chat, or extremely long boring,

    monologue or lecture or conversation where you can't get a word in edgewise.

    I have had evenings like that, where I just want to find a reason to leave,

    or kill myself.

  • JWdaughter

    I like them, but I don't know that I have finished many(one for sure). There is a lot of stuff to do out there and they can get a bit time consuming. OTOH, I like the folks doing it. They take a long time to get where they are going and I'm only semi-retired now. Maybe in 20 years when I get SS (hah).

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I don't generally watch videos, as I have a strong preference for the written word and low tolerance for rambling, incoherent flapping which infests far too many youtube clips. Even professionally done news clips turn me off, because I can read the information faster than some talking head can read it to me. I certainly won't watch a long clip unless it promises to be hysterically funny.

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