1975 end prediction

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  • FL_Panthers

    Does anyone have the article written by the WT saying that the end would come in 1975?

    how did people back then come to this year? I need this information becuase i was told, this was never literally written by the WT in any publication.


  • Londo111

    A good starting point for references: http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/1975.php

  • Phizzy

    in addition, should you need it, there are people on this Site, like Old Fart Phizzy, who lived through that period. Our personal experiences and recollections may be of use. (?).

  • FL_Panthers

    I really appreciate hearing people talking about having to sell homes, pieces of land etc to get ready for 1975 but I'm not really after that. What I'm after is an article that clearly states 1975 is the year.

  • FL_Panthers

    All I got from that link was that there was increase in pioneers, bible studies during 1973/1974. Am I missing something?

  • KateWild

    Hi Panthers,

    Here is a quote from Awake Oct 8th 1966

    "Does God's rest day parallel the time man has been on earth since his creation? Apparently so. In what year, then, would the first 6,000 years of man's existence and also the first 6,000 years of Gods rest day come to an end? The year 1975. It means that within a relatively few years we will witness the fulfilment of the remaining prophecies that have to do with the "time of the end"." Awake! 1966 Oct 8 pp.19-20


    Kate xx

  • NVR2L8

    It's all there....keep on scrolling and read...takes more than 3 minutes...

  • Londo111

    FL_Panthers: Please reread the article. There are many, many quotes from the publications that implied that 1975 was the year and stoked the flames of adherants.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    The articles would always say something 'the end MIGHT come in 1975.' Basically they would phrase it in a way that would give them wiggle room. However, if you talk to anyone who was a JW then, and they're honest with you, EVERYONE believed 1975 was the end. GB, Bethel 'heavyweights', CO's, and anyone else 'important' ALL preached it from the platform.

  • scarredforlife

    I lived through this time. I was 18 in 1975. I don't know if I can answer your questions. But I know that it was almost universally believed that the WTS was telling us that the fall of 1975 would be Armageddon. The date I remember was September 9 or September 6 . I can't remember now. I do not believe that you will find this written down anywhere. But is was widely believed and no one from the WTS refuted this belief. The Congregation Overseers and the Circuit Overseers and District Overseers ENCOURAGED this belief. Everything built into an absolute frenzy.

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