Get well Grace (Mouthy)

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hi Grace it's good to hear from you

  • mouthy

    big hugs to you all....

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    My dearest wish, Grace, apart from a good health for you, is that your JW daughter and her JW family will come to their senses and behave as filial love, and mere humanity, dictate. I will ask our creator that He may do that for you to bring you solace and joy in your old age.

  • humbled

    Dear Grace--Just glad you know that we love you--And if you ever get your bucket back -- remember it is full of love where ever you are kicking it! You are an inspiration to me and so many others.


  • 3rdgen

    So glad you are feeling better! You have a great attitude.

  • Spectre
  • JWdaughter

    Glad to see you here! You have always been a bright shining presence here (visible, invisible, whatever)

    Hope your family gets a clue while you still remember you HAVE a family:)

  • LisaRose

    I am glad you are doing better, I was a bit worried.

    Don't worry about forgetting things, at your age it's to be expected, and you seem to be doing pretty well. I am only 59 and sometimes I think my brain has stopped forming memories altogether. When I was ten years old I could tell if I had already watched a TV program within ten seconds, now I don't figure it out until twenty minutes in, and I still watch the rest of it because I forgot how it ended anyway. One if the few benefits of aging is you can enjoy some movies more than once, lol.

    Actual conversation with Mr. Chip and I

    Chip: I wanted to watch that movie because it has that actress that I like. You know, the one that was in that movie, the one about the war.

    Lisa: What movie? What war? You mean the one in Germany?

    Chip: No, you know, the one in Italy we saw that time, when we went to that theater that time.

    Lisa: Oh yeah, what's her name, I can't think of her name either.

    Chip: No, not her, the other one

    Lisa: Oh, that one. Well, glad we cleared that up.

    I read recently that while you do not remember things as well as younger people, you are better at using what you do know than younger people, so there that.

  • mouthy

    I just had to pop back in to see if you all still here.

    I miss you all soooooo much.

    I think I am losing it....I cant remember things.....But you all must know

    I think of you all so often (((((((((((HUGS))))& XXXXXX

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    We love you Grace xxxxxx

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