Anyone recall a time when your congregation came to the aid of a Brother or sister in need??

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  • JustVisting

    "a few casseroles back in 1970", that's it, really? Pathetic and sad, but very typical. The only charity I've witnessed from witnesses was when an elder called all of the congo family heads into the back school to ask for donations for a. needy family.

  • jam

    These stories are making me so mad. WTH. Are JW (religion)

    unique in taking care of widows and orphans or the likes of???

  • b00mslang

    Once, but it was around 1984 and it was like pulling teeth. It was a single sister that was early middle-age and unable to secure employment or some shyte.

    Other than that, they usually remind me of; "go, be warm and well fed".

  • sarahsmile

    I talked to the poorest JW around and asked this question. One wanted money to pay an electric bill. Elder said to pray about it!

    That the standard answer, pray about it.

    They frowned on individual going to a food banks because it was in the same building as a church.

    Fish and Loaves,Salvation Army, and Community food banks!

    Yeap,I did my research to see if the widows and orphans were provided. In fact they treated my mom not so nice after she lost her JW husband. They did not treat fatherless children any better. They said he deserved to die: for what working grave yard and too tired to attend meetings!

    The answer is NEVER!

    Actually I took care of two elderly married couples when I was about fifteen or sixteen. No other kids did this charity. It was individual bases. A sister came over to give the old lady hair cuts. I was a live in for the summer time.

    I understand why Villagegirl did not want to feed a married man. She trying to say he was able to take care of himself. I recall this petty bull crap all the time. Yet someone who could do with a helping hand who was not elder status was neglected. I recall seeing that a lot! Frankly I just hate elders and their wives as well as Overseers. It was all bull, half of them were lazy and worthless judgemental door knocker. Willing to volunteer other people's children while their children did NOTHING! Fond memories here in the Northwest. Hated every overseer!

  • smiddy

    An announcement was made at our KH that a sister needed a place to put her caravan in so she could pioneer in our territory . A number of witness familys owned their own homes in this area .That announcement was made about 3 or 4 times at least over the next couple of months .Nobody put their hand up.My wife and I discussed it and eventually agreed to put her caravan in our yard.She was about the same age as us in the mid 20`s and a freind of my wifes.At that time we didnt own a house we lived in a housing commission estate.And of course we were relatively new in the truth .Good old gullible us .The older more established witnesses who owned their own homes were not going to put themselves out.No way. I think she was with us for about a year . Then we moved interstate.

    Afterwards we found out she got engaged to be married to a witness , and on her wedding day she received a telegram saying he couldnt go through with it ......can you beleive that ? This happened in the 60`s

    During the 80`s we went to an assembly in Tasmania where we caught up with her , and she was happily married .

    We sometimes wonder what our past acquaintances are up to nowadays , if any of them have found TTATT


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    When my elderly parents were in need of assistance, they got very little help with the exception of one very nice couple. I remember one sister who asked me how my parents were doing, and I said they would really appreciate some visitors as they were very lonely. She said she would but she was very busy as she was going to pioneer next month. She never did show up. I remember at least twice seeing two carloads of witnesses calling on their neighbors but they skipped my parent's house. That was my eye opener. I realized that any assistance in the congregation is not because of the organization--it's despite the organization.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    We had a cake sale and combined garage sale to raise money for an elder's medical procedure once. Nothing ever from the kh funds. Most jws don't even know there are any except for those to pay the bills.

  • blondie

    Julia, were you allowed to advertise this as a witness event or your personal event and your choice to donate whatever money? Around here we weren't allowed to connect the congregation to any garage sales to get money for individuals or even the KH.

    I remember that only jws in "good standing" could be given money from the congregation level. Also individual jws were warned not to give money to people who were not attending enough meetings or going out in d2d enough. But then the grifters that came to the KH, not a word was said.

    Jesus helped people who were not in good standing, Matthew, Zachaeus, the Syrian non-Jew woman, etc.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Never saw the KH funds tapped to benefit an individual. I did often see "family heads" gathered and being informed that a certain family/pioneer/etc was in need because of yada yada yada and the Cong supported giving assistance privately or anonymously via the Elders.

    Saw some that I thought were ridiculous. Example: divorced pioneer sister because she made bad decisions (IMO) with her money then needed tires to pioneer etc etc.


  • tiki

    individuals who chose to assist, yes......cong as a unit, can't say i ever was aware of anything like that.

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