Anyone recall a time when your congregation came to the aid of a Brother or sister in need??

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  • jam

    I don't understand the GB view in helping those in need. I have

    been out a long time, but when I was in the borg I do recall that

    in smaller congregation there was more kindness, helping others.

    Is there some unwritten word that inform elders, if one don't work

    he are she don't eat. Have they forgot about unforeseen occurrence

    befall us all. If you are hungry, the WT or Awake don't make for a great meal.

    The majority of folks are good and caring, but the GB for some reason puts

    a damper on natural feelings. WHY?????

  • jam

    Each of your comments shows the kind of people you are, caring,

    taking to hearth what the Bible teach. But I noticed these events

    took place some time ago, how about something recently. I would

    hate to think that all the caring people left the borg.....

  • twice shy
    twice shy


  • LisaRose

    I remember back in 1970, a sister had a baby, some of the sisters took her a few casseroles.

  • fiddler

    The individual JW's are basically good people and yes, I both was the recipient of help with food during hard times and also returned the kindness to others. It was sometimes an announcement made at the service meeting back in the day...I do wonder if that would be allowed now. Mostly it was the 'sisters' that thought of and arranged such things. I remember helping out the family of one of our elders who had ALS. It was the sisters that did ALL the helping. Those of us who helped were taught to 'bag' the patient (compressing a bellows to give air to the patient) and suction mucous from his airway...something I never thought I could do but learned to do it. I was able to suction and make small talk over the Jeopardy game on TV without missing a beat at one point. I am glad I was able to help in this way but it was during a particular day that everyone was at a memorial service for another elder that I had a situation where the ALS brother needed to use the potty and he had weakened to a point that I couldn't hold him up. I kept him discreetly covered but was just a terrible situation. I called the Kingdom Hall where the memorial was being held and asked for emergency assistance! Another elder was dispatched and he was absolutely....horrified....ashamed.....I don't know what but he was totally unaware that the sisters were doing all this caregiving and none of the brothers had offered any help whatsoever. The ALS brother died not too long after....

    My experience with individual witnesses is that they are caring people but the corporate nature of the Watchtoer society gets in the way of natural affection.

  • villagegirl

    GLTirebiter - I remember some organized meal schedule to bring meals

    to a married man whose wife had to go away to see relatives, it was not

    a Kingdom Hall charity, it was sisters calling up other sisters to make food

    from their own kitchens and drive it over to him. They also had sisters

    cleaning for him. At the time, I was a working, single mom, paying all my own bills

    and doing my own cleaning and laundry and meal prep like single moms do.

    They called me up and asked me to participate, and I said; "What?" " In all

    the years I have been attending Kingdom Hall, and working and supporting myself

    and raising my child on my own, never once did anyone come over here and

    offer any of these services to me. " "He is a grown man, he can make his own

    meals and do his own cleaning, this is ridiculous. " They were not pleased.

  • truthseeker

    I know of a pioneer that had trouble making her car payments due to cancer and nobe being able to work. All she needed was a couple of car payments and the loan would be paid off. The elders didnt help her.

  • HappyDad

    Not a single person in my over 30 years as an active JW was helped by the congregation. It was always said that family or some social agency had that responsibility.

    After I left the JW's and went to several churches, I found that they always helped someone in need. The money came from the church or the Pastor himself.

    So where is the true brotherly love? Certainly not with the JWs!


  • jam

    fiddler:Don't know if you still attend but you are the kind of person

    that will be missed.

    villagegirl: you should be ashamed of yourself, not helping out in

    cleaning and feeding the brother..You women are at the bottom of

    Jehovahs organization, nothing is so important then serving your

    brothers. Shame, shame, shame...

  • Vidiot

    I often suspected they held unspoken fears that whatever help they offered would be happily accepted, but then the investment - for whatever reason - wouldn't pay off.

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