Anyone recall a time when your congregation came to the aid of a Brother or sister in need??

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  • jam

    I'm not talking about a individual, but a congregation as a whole.

    I'm talking about a brother or sister that really hit hard times.

    Have there ever been an occasion where the brothers (elders)

    decided to dip into the KH funds and help one in need????

    Example, brother loose his job, get evicted, family of four or

    a single sister with kids.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Based on the parameters you have mentioned, not one.

  • whathappened

    We had a lot of collections taken for people in need. They would make an announcement that someone was in need and to see Brother So and So and he would collect the funds. The congregation funds were never used.

  • Splash

    In 30 years I've not known it.

    Certainly some individuals have organised help, and I've given a little help myself from time to time, but as a BoE organised and congregation funded effort? That'll be a 'No'.


  • sir82

    Congregation funds? Never ever ever.

    On the raest of rare occasions, there might be a "discreet" collection taken up for someone who is impeccably "in good standing" who has a one-time financial need.

    Typically, it would only be done for an elder, MS, pioneer, etc.

    But as for Sister Single-Mother who lives on the wrong side of the tracks, who only manages 3 hours of field service per month and attends only 1/2 the congregation meetings becasue she works 80 hours a week to support her kids?

    Fug-ged-about-it. "Clearly, sister, you have let your spirituality slip, and have not shown that you are putting the kingdom first. But please keep warm and well fed".

  • villagegirl

    I heard of a sister with an autistic daughter, who were living in their car.

    That was in Santa Barbara, back in the 80's . Someone came and told me.

    I went to the Elders and they said they "knew all about it" and basically blamed

    her for getting into that situation and turned their back on her.

    I found out where she was parked and since I had a spare room,

    I took them in. Against the advice of the Elders. She said, she had survived

    because Catholic Services gave her food, and money and help to find a job.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses in Santa Barbara ( and I mean the wealthy ones )

    were too busy underlining their Watchtowers and feeling superior to everyone,

    and outdoing each other with expensive clothes. Spiritual Paradise? Really ?

    Smug self satisfied, arrogant, aloof and cold hearted, and it is still the same.

    Don't enable the WT by attending thier meetings or giving your money,

    since their is no accountability, from the top down.

    And the Elders do not have the balls to stand up to power.

  • jam

    whathappened; "They made an announcement", you were in a good

    congregation with good people.

  • daringhart13

    Kind individuals? Yes

    Congregation? No

  • jam

    Villagegirl: My ex and her husband went to the KH in SB (2000-2010).

    A lot of problems there. Cold hearted, my ex fitted right in....

  • jam

    I attended a church after the borg. We had a committee for

    church aid (those in need), but never a announcement made to the

    congregation. Most folks knew who was in need.

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