An increase in security at this summer's conventions??

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  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Maybe they are looking for recording devices.

  • talesin

    This is not the USA, but here, a private venue is allowed to make their own rules.

    A nightclub can refuse you entry if they suspect you are carrying liquor in and you do not let them search your bag.

    Up until recently (cellphones), concert venues would check bags for cameras (no cameras allowed in concert). Also, we have huge all-day concerts here at an outdoor venue, and they search your bag for FOOD AND WATER, because no private food & water is allowed - you must buy from the concessions. I know this is true because I had to get a doctor's note for Paul McCartney concert to bring in food (special diet).

    If you don't want to have your bag (or whatever) searched, you may choose to refrain from entering the venue.



  • MaybeSo

    The direction given to the attendants for the next International convention in the SW part of the US was: If someone causes problems or needs to be escorted out, security personnel will be called. Not JW security, the venue's security-off duty police officers or the venue's security personnel.

    Attendants are not to touch any individuals causing a problem but in the case they get physical, gloves are off. The attendant can defend himself and/or his family.

    No other guidance or information was given about security searches other than the expected searches done by the venue's entrance personnel.

  • steve2

    I thought they had a separate division of organizational security that scanned possessions for apostate literature at these sorts of highly attended events. Evidently, its mere presence - even with covers closed - can taint proceedings. It makes sense that in these last days Satan would use not just spooky but highly spooky means to mislead and corrupt Jehovah's Loving servants.

  • bobert

    Unless they have probable suspicion for drugs or weapons, they can't touch you. Curious to go now to see what's up.

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