Want to know why people accept evolution ?

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  • *lost*

    SNARE DARLING - how the devil are ya ???

    just popped by to say hello. cos I saw your post here.

    Apologies in advance though, I haven't been able to study through it, can't even begin to start with evolution yet, lol, maybe one day before my time is up I will get there, maybe not.

    Sociology / Politics / Anthropology is what I am sniffing down currently... (loving every written word)

    Wish I had been given that book to study all them years ago, lmao, would of made life a lot simpler to understand.

    Love your convo's, miss your mind, chat soon. - about epigenetics when you have time xx

    regards Lost - not anymore.

  • Vidiot

    Make Lemonade - "Can you give some examples?"

    The paratisoid wasp's egg-laying technique, hermaphroditic worms, the main nerve that runs up (and down, and up again) a giraffe's neck, the vestigial traits that show up during a mammal's embryonic stages, monotremes, pretty much everything that lives at the bottom of the ocean....

  • snare&racket

    Hey Lost xxx I am fine thanks, good to see you again! First there is ALWAYS time for learning about our universe! What better thing to do between sleep, meals, coffee and Breaking Bad?

    Good to see you again, keep in touch x

  • *lost*

    lol snare

    I am learning

    Been an avid devourer of books since a very young age.

    I am just passionate about some other things that I am hunting down.

    Gathering the pieces of the jigsaw.

    I guess Imm doing about oooh, 8 - 12 hrs a day, constant. lol

    Hope you are well, not too far away from you in the real world, we may meet up yet.

    Then you can beat me bout the head and tell me all you know about evolution and science.


  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade

    With so much information from so many of the posters on this forum it was practicle for me to try to find a book that was understandable to me. The local librarian was very helpful. She listened to my interests and questions. After some thought she recomended this book:

    "The Age Of Eveything. How Science Explores the Past" Matthew Hedman

    So far I have only read the introduction and the first three chapters. I have found some "treasures" that mean something to me.

    1. Humility of the author. He points out he has areas of expertise and areas of science that others are more familiar with.

    2. Chapter 3 is about the Pyramids. I do foundations and use simple math. I know about the north star as a boy scout. Vat 4956 etc.

    3. Carbon 14 dating is being explained in a more basic way.

    I am excited by what I have learned. Because some of it is building on what I already know. Maybe some of the others here can benefit from this book as well.

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