Want to know why people accept evolution ?

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  • snare&racket

    Do you have questions about or want to understand evolution? It is a difficult concept to communicate and so if it is not explained well , it is understandable that we would dismiss it.

    I sincerely want to talk with people who want to learn more or see what all the fuss is about. We are all learning and increasing our knowledge all the time and it is good to go over facts with critical eye.

    Evolution we can discuss, looking at the foundational facts and evidence, one at a time for you to go and check, agree or disagree with and return.

    No pressure to accept it, you can decide for yourself, also no mocking etc of what you have to say.

    Snare x

    P.s. No hijackers or trolls please.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Can you help my stuckinarut indoctrinated brain comprehend the current thinking? How well DOES the fossil record support evolutionary theory? Cos I know we're told that it doesn't. It seems that the wt accept evolution within species, but not from species TO species. So are there specific fossil examples following the process of one species into another? (I know, I should just read on 'talk origins' for a year or two, but you DID offer!) Ive been meaning to research this, but got kinda hung up researching wt doctrine instead.

  • snare&racket

    What if I told you fossils are irrelevant to evolutionary science? DNA alone proves it true, nowadays we don't need the fossils as our ancestors exist in our DNA.

    Before we start chief, without looking it up, can you define evolution, then describe how you think it works?

    snare x

    Once we cover that, straight to the fossils ;) x

  • Jon Preston
    Jon Preston

    Marked for learning

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    I learned TTATT last year and have since been reading some Dawkins, Hawking, Harris etc.

    I've been going to this site http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/change/index.html when I have questions. What do you think of it?

    At first, it was overwhelming to read threads on jw.net and feel so clueless, after graduating in the 90's as valedectorian. The fact that so many school children can go through public school in the U.S. and not accept evolution, now disturbs me and I can see the danger and lack of progress it has resulted in. Once I kept reading about science the hold any religion had on me was released. I would love to help others think, not like me, but to think and QUESTION.

    Now I find it fascinating to explore my questions and would appreciate a good starting point for reading and being able to comprehend and explain evolution to a friend or family member that thinks evolution says we directly descended from an ape or that rainbows are from god.

  • snare&racket

    Yes gypsy sam, the fact we are evolved matters.... it alters how we percieve disease, how we look for cures, how we endeavour to reach our full potential as a species!

    It changes everything...


    p.s. looks like a great little site!

  • KateWild

    can you define evolution, then describe how you think it works?-snare

    The change and mutation of living things, small changes in the same species over a long period of time that eventually change into a new species. I cheated a little bit, I looked it up but not in depth only to get me started.

    I think I understand and accept evolution, but can always learn more

    Kate xx

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I love Science ,and look forward to reading this thread . Lots to learn over again .

  • AnnOMaly

    My son put me on to this a while ago. As a newbie to the subject I found it helpful.


  • DuvanMuvan

    I live and go to school in the uk and for gcse biology one of the topics is evolution. Theres always a question that comes up in the exams which is basically "what was Darwin's theory of natural selection". The answer they were looking for was along the lines of:

    "A random mutation occurs in a species that alters the dna of the organism with that mutation. If this mutation is beneficial to the species them the organism is able to survive and pass on its beneficial mutation to their offspring through sexual reproduction. Over time the organisms without this mutation die out leaving only the ones with the mutation left."

    I always enjoyed seeing that question in an exam because it was an easy 4 marks. It was also the definition I gave to my mum when she did a dub and confused evolution with abiogenesis.

    I'm not 100% if this is right though because they have a habit of leaving out all the details and stuff out of gcse level science

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