Want to know why people accept evolution ?

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    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Kaik - thanks for that, I'll get researching these mammoth hunters.. Can anyone point me in the right direction for some good reading material that is full of good evidence?

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    Make Lemonade


    Clovis hunter and gatherer culture thought to be 13,000 years ago. Ancient sites discovered in Arizona. I do not know the dating method used to determine this age yet. I have learned that the Carbon 14 method is believed to be accurate up to 50,000 years. So this is one specific culture that would exceed the age of Adam.

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    I am not sure if mammoth huntres lived in Northern America, but they were widespread in Europe during interglaciar period. In Central Europe there are three major sites which were excavated where some graves had tools made from mammoth tusks. The most famous discovery is Venuse of Willensdorf, but there are dozen others discovered similar prehestoric madonnas from Austria to Ukraine. What made interesting that the integraciar warming period was between 20,000-32,000 BC where warmer weather allowed roaring large mammals like mammoths and saber-toothed cats. The population disappeared again for several thousands years when returning glacier made most of the central Europe inhospitable. All large mammals disappeared and never returned. Last glaciers had melted about 12,000 years ago and new flora evolved that we have today.

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    Make Lemonade

    Kaik: I am not sure about any of this. It is an enjoyable to search for answers. I will look into those cultures you mentioned. It is interesting that carbon 14 dating can be checked by other dating methods. Tree rings, ice cores, and sediment deposits. The challenge is not that artifacts exist it is the reliability of the dating. People like Ken Ham are convinced that the dating methods are just wrong. People who are christians and scientist find no problem accepting modern dating methods. They have resolved the problem by believing that the Bible is not literal in Genesis. So this subject contains a variety of answers depending on who you get your answers from. The debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was great. The parts I liked best were when they said: "I do not know" or similar.

    Please continue to share the specifics. These become a search on google for me that has yielded results. So far I have not kept up with all the information shared, but that does not pressure me. Little by little the issues are resolving themselves.

  • kaik

    Carbon dating can be successfully measured with present instruments for 50,000 years. This can be extended by acceleration techniques for another 50,000 years. For other minerals in order to achieve some reasonable data science has to use different isotopes. Astrophysics has to reach for potassium-argon, rubidium-strontium, uranium-lead dating methods that measure decay over billion years of half-life.

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    Now they use >32 elements when radiometric dating, it is very accurate. Have a look at how they do it here....


    As for human ancestroy and the evidence we have, I really reccomend an interactive museum webpage from the smithsonian, you can see the fossils and evidence in 3D with explanations. if I lived in the USA i'd be there in a flash to see it in person. But just to get a basic appreciation take a peek... (focus on human ancestors and genetics sections)


  • kaik

    There are about 40 commonly used radioactive dating methods, and many labs around the world will yield consistently the same result that the world is about 4.6 billion years old.

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    snare&racket - "Want to know why people accept evolution?"

    Can't speak for everyone, but one of the big reasons for me was that from my POV, evolution has a way better track record than creationism for explaining a lot of the weirder shit found in nature.

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    Make Lemonade

    Snare&racket and Kaik

    Thanks. It is all going onto my list of things to research. We started to watch Cosmos. Interesting when things are brought up that have been commented about on this thread. Mutations in DNA producing white polar bears. Humans breeding dogs for 20,000 years. We are slowly getting an education. We will be checking back here often.

    Vidiot: Can you give some examples?

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    We are slowly getting an education.

    I got my (JW) wife to watch March Of The Penguins several years ago. The movie documents how their entire reproductive cycle follows the Antarctic seasons. Near the end, I couldn't resist and said, "And they were created that way from the beginning."

    Before she had even thought about it, she said, "No. They couldn't possibly have been...."

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