Need to find those Km or Wt articles encouraging all to read the old publications!

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  • johnamos

    Taken from the 2004 WT library

    [5-15-57 WT- 7 Those who really are growing in maturity find that familiarity with basic theocratic publications is a tremendous aid in their field ministry, enabling them to draw on a firm background of knowledge and thus to answer most of the questions they encounter in field service. Further, when they prepare a discourse for delivery at congregational meetings they do not merely rehash material that they presented in all their previous talks, but they search for further information that will make the talk really alive with sound spiritual counsel. Their zeal for knowledge may even prompt them to dig back into things that were published long before they came into the truth, expanding and deepening their understanding, and ever growing in Christian maturity.

    8 Do you dig out older publications to expand and deepen your knowledge on subjects about which questions arise? Have you really studied these earlier publications? When a brother gives a talk, can you, to impress the information upon your mind further, identify the particular publication from which his points were taken? If he discusses Jesus’ earthly family, do you remember that the “Questions from Readers” section of the December 15, 1950, Watchtower told how we know that Jesus did have other brothers and sisters? When he points out that the Christian should not use profanity, do you remember that this was discussed in the article “Progress Toward Taming the Tongue,” February 15, 1951? When he tells about the different kinds of spirit creatures, namely, angels, cherubim, seraphim and the archangel, and describes their various positions, do you remember that this was considered on pages 50 to 53 of the book “The Truth Shall Make You Free”? Probably you will not remember the dates or page numbers, but do you remember the discussions? Can you use the Scripture index to find the pages? Can you explain these matters when someone questions you about them? Brothers who have a mature knowledge may even have recently looked up these subjects to refresh their memories on them before discussing them with newly interested persons.]

  • stuckinarut2

    I gave an answer once when a doctinal point changed.

    I said "This new understanding and truth is clarification of an older inacurate view we had in 19__, where we taught '_______'. I found this by doing in depth study into our older publications. Isnt it nice to see how the light gets brighter"

    After the study, I GOT SERIOUSLY COUNSELLED FOR THAT...."bringing in speculative information, and distracting from the study, and trying to subvert brothers faith...etc"

    That was the beggining of the end.....

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    OneEyedJoe: It's funny to me, that by their very publishing of the recomendation to read the older publications it's almost like they're trying to wake people up. What's more likely, though, is that they know NO ONE even reads all the current magazines, let alone the old crap - by telling us to read the old stuff it's just a way of keeping the most hard core followers ever busy, and the rest always have something to feel guilty about.

    The WT Encourages JWs to learn about the early history of the organization! - 8/15/12 WT

    Posted 10/7/2012 by 00DAD:

    Ironically, in today's WT, JWs are encouraged to study the early history of the "earthly organization".

    Like them [the sons of Korah], do you have a desire to study and recount the history of the earthly part of Jehovah’s organization? The more you learn about God’s organization and how Jehovah supports his people, the more real God’s Kingdom will be to you. -- w2012 8/15, p. 12, para. 5 - [Emphasis added]

    Imagine if all the JWs really did that! It would cause a nightmare of trouble for the GB.

    I can only guess they know that most won't bother, and of the few that do, the majority of them will only study the WTBTS's sanitized versions of their history. The remaining ones that actually learn the factual truth about the early history of the organization will all become apostates.

    Interesting gambit in the propaganda techniques of the GB, oh, excuse me, "The Faithful and Discreet Slave!" I guess it's a chance their willing to take to appear open and honest. The few that will leave are all trouble-makers anyways!

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