Need to find those Km or Wt articles encouraging all to read the old publications!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Hi all,

    i have been dropping comments to a few re some classic old beliefs and teachings etc... And when asked "where did you read that, or how come you are saying such and such?" I have replied "well, you remember we have often been told to study and research our old 'theocratic history' and 'old gems' of material?...

    Now though I have been challenged to prove where this has been printed!

    By the way, Some time ago during A working day at the hall, several big boxes of old books were about to be thrown away, and I stashed them back under the hall... So I can truthfully say that I have have had access to these books to back up my comments.

    i know I have read a km or wt that told us to delve into old books etc?.. Can anyone remember or find that quote please?

  • Splash

    Watchtower , February 15, 2013, p. 12, para, 18:
    "We benefit from balanced consideration of the history of Jehovah’s organization... Moreover, we do well to examine our history, learn from it, and plan for the future."

    *** w12 1/15 p. 32 Preserving Gems From Our Past ***
    In Writing Archives, diligent work is now under way to preserve and document our rich and growing legacy. Photographs carefully held in the Archives could be considered part of our “family album.” Our early publications, thrilling first-person accounts, and priceless memorabilia are also among the gems held in the Archives.


  • Oubliette

    The WT Encourages JWs to learn about the early history of the organization! - 8/15/12 WT

    Like them [the sons of Korah], do you have a desire to study and recount the history of the earthly part of Jehovah’s organization? The more you learn about God’s organization and how Jehovah supports his people, the more real God’s Kingdom will be to you. -- w2012 8/15, p. 12, para. 5 - [Emphasis added]

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks guys!

    Those references will be of great assistance when ones in the cong (elders) say that all of my "subversive" comments are not to be discussed...

    I can say "well, they are actually only direct quotes from our own rich spiritual heritage"!

    You know it seriously makes my head spin and explode when I hear ones in the cong try and dispute the comments, or deny them, or even tell me that I shouldnt read that stuff!!

    I want to scream. "WASNT THIS ALL SPIRITUAL FOOD FROM THE F&DS??? I didn't make this stuff up- they did, people!!!"

  • Oubliette

    stuckinarut2: Now though I have been challenged to prove where this has been printed!

    Wow, it's ELDERS questioning you?

    Suggestion: BEFORE you show your inquisitors your quotes, ask them why they would think it odd or inappropriate to research the history of the organization. THEN, show them your references.

    Finish with, "I'm surprised you brothers don't recall these quotes. Maybe you need to study your WTs better!"

  • stuckinarut2

    Good suggestions!


    yes, it's not an official questioning, but an unofficial one taking place by a few in social settings.... I know for a fact that there has been murmuring between a couple of elders... I think they are trying to catch me out...

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    Another line of reasoning is that the WT itself often refers us back to older publications:

    *** w2011 2/15 p. 31 Do You Hate Lawlessness? ***
    For a detailed discussion of this subject, see the September 15, 1981, issue of The Watchtower, pages 26-31

    *** w07 6/1 p. 14 From Scroll to Codex—How the Bible Became a Book ***
    See the article “The Early Christian Codex,” in the August 15, 1962, issue of The Watchtower, pages 501-5.

    *** w07 9/1 p. 10 With Jehovah’s Help, We Survived Totalitarian Regimes ***
    See the life story of Elsa Abt in The Watchtower, April 15, 1980, pages 12-15.

    *** w03 10/1 p. 19 Endurance Under Trials Brings Praise to Jehovah ***
    see the 1974 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, pages 208-9

    You might also ask "at what point should I no longer believe the publications? - At what age do they become unmentionable?"
    Depending on how they answer you can add "So when will today's WT instructions become old light that we are to dismiss?"


  • Watchtower-Free

    "Show Appreciation for the Magazines

    They never lose their value. The passage of time does not lessen the importance of the message that they contain

    April 1998 Our Kingdom Ministry, pg.8:

  • AnnOMaly

    *** Ministry School (2002) p. 21 Apply Yourself to Reading ***


    • Is the Bible at the top of your list?
    • Do you regularly read the Watchtower and Awake! magazines?
    • Do you read new Bible study literature soon after it is received?
    • When given your copy of Our Kingdom Ministry, do you read what has been provided there to help you in your ministry?
    How many of the older publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses have you read?

  • jgnat

    Well, with questions like that, you won't be stuck in a rut much longer.

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