Rumor about the Imitate Jesus Convention

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  • FusionTheism

    Yeah, the thing is, the Governing Body has already given up the information control by fully embracing and recommending and promoting the Internet now.

    In addition, they've pretty much eliminated another "leg" which was the sense of urgency and panic about having Armageddon coming immediately.

    Their new publications are basically saying it could still be a long ways off from our perspective, but it won't be late in Jehovah's view.

  • steve2

    If you call a thorn a "rose", it still pierces and generates pain.

    Over several decades, the organization has increasingly framed the shunning policy as a loving provision to keep the congregation wholesome and to maxmimise the likelihood the sinner will feel the error of his/her ways and humbly seek forgiveness and return. The literature even quotes those who have been reinstated as saying if their families had not shunned them, they would have kept sinning. Powerful stuff, yes!

    The act of shunning will remain the same - however, the reasoning will be framed with kinder and more loving language. As those in the persuasion industry (e.g., advertising) know by heart, framing is absolutely everything.

  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    Here's what I think they could do. Allow fellowship at the Kingdom Hall but not elsewhere. From their point of view it would mean they were still in control (You can see your grandchildren - just attend meetings!!!!!) but could tell the authorities that they aren't splitting up families etc. The talk would probably go something like this "EVIDENTLY when Jesus said observe the lillies of the field, he meant you can associate with disfellowshipped ones at the Kingdom Hall" (Note - I'm being sarcastic)

    Their recent change in emphasis about the prodigal son could have prepared the way for this.


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    From what I understand the new brochure is called "Return to Jehovah" and is based on the November 15, 2008 pp 12-16 WT article ‘Help them return without delay’.

    · A letter from the GB

    · The lost one I will search for

    · Anxiety – hard pressed in every way

    · Hurt feelings – When we have a cause for complaint

    · Guilt – Cleanse me from my sin

    · Return to the shepherd and overseer of your souls

    Don't expect any policy changes if they are using a 2008 WT article.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "What the WTBTS doesn't realize is that "termites" have invested the "legs" already, with "information control" leading in first place. Those little apostate termites are working 24/7!!"

    I love that analogy. My apartment, which had a JW manager and renters, had a massive termite damage which they didn't want to deal with for over 10 years. It took a confrontation in court for them to fix it. Once they did everybody else got into the act incurring at least a 100,000 dollars worth of repair throughout the complex.

    Yes, they're ignoring their 'spiritual' termites. Let it crumble though I do believe that there will still be a hard core remaining like in Rutherford's day. The only difference from Rutherford is that no one in the Governing Body has his bombastic manners. That means that they might not be able to regrow after the implosion.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Syeve2 "If their families had not shunned them, they would have kept

    sinning". Oh really, not many return today because of the internet..

    There is No way anyone in their right mind believe shunning is a loving

    provision. The problem with sunning today is in our society it is out of

    step its barbaric. We are become more humane, we have animals right

    groups, Gay rights, tree rights you name it we are becoming more compassionate.

    I believe the Mormons have eased up on their shunning.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Who today is really paying attention at the assemblies, ones who

    have doubts. The average JW all of this will go over their head, they

    will not connect the dots.

    It's funny in a way we are not suppose to understand spiritual matters.

    Remember we were told Satan and his demons are blind when it

    comes to spiritual things. I guess Satan couldn't read. LOL

  • _Morpheus
    Again, new light never comes out at assemblies. Always the annual meeting. There will be nothing of any note whatsoever at this annual sales convention

    What do you mean nothing ever gets revealed at assemblies??? What about the "ten toes" in Daniel's prophecy?!?!?


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    "This little piggie went to market . . ."

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