I asked where is the proof?

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  • PhilsWager2
    Amazing how JWs expect householders to provide answers for them when they tried to nail them on doctrinal teachings JWs thought they could easily destroy. The hard part was when the JWs has to answer questions they knew were false prophecies, Rutherford living off the Watchtower like Jim Baker. Dishonesty is not a word with many Witnesses, "its a way of life!". Trying to get a honest answer and he plugs his ears and walks out of the room, how many Bible characters does that sound like, hint (Acts 8? with Saul guarding these evil men). The Jews when outraged with Stephen plugged their ears and stoned him to death without just cause.
  • smiddy

    ask your husband to show you, even from the "Proclaimers" book the beliefs, doctrines titles of talks, prophecies in 1918-19. after all. Jesus would base his judgement on true christians teaching true doctrine? right? then ask why would he?

    Nothing the I.B.S.A./ Jehovah Witnesses taught back then is acceptable with Watchtower teachings today , so why would Jesus appoint them over all his belongings if they were teaching back then what is untruths today .?


  • LHS123

    I share your frustration, mentally I'm still only doubting, I haven't completely rejected the org yet but it drives me crazy that my husband won't even THINK for himself; here's some examples of our recent exchanges;

    Me: do you honestly think you could ever shun our daughter? Imagine she was df'd, 18, pregnant, living alone, could you really shun her because we're told to?

    Answer: I'd do what's best for Jehovah and our daughter, the only way that ever works is doing things Jehovah's way.

    Me: look at these reports of child abuse, even elders have done it, and stayed as elders to abuse more because their weren't 2 witnesses ...etc etc.

    answer: what are you reading?, (me: newspapers and court docs) him: we don't know the facts, the media are probably making it up, (me; if it was about the Catholic Church you wouldn't say that. plus there are so many personal accounts online of witnesses who have been abused, they break your heart) him: how do you know it isn't an apostate that makes those stories up?

    Me: do you know the 'millions now living will never die' campaign promised Armageddon and the resurrection would happen in 1925? him: I don't think so actually (sarcastic)

    Me: people sold their homes and gave up jobs before 1975, the org must have strongly suggested the end was coming then, otherwise they wouldn't have done those things. Him: the WT never said that, people just got over excited.

    me: don't you think we should let our kids develop their friendships naturally and be able to socialize with the people they like, otherwise we could stunt their natural social skills and it lead to frustration and rebellion? Him: if that method worked, the org would tell us to do it that way, but they don't, 'bad associations....'

    Then if it gets too much: anger and shouting : 'I don't want to hear anything, I mean ANYTHING negative about the faithful and discreet slave, it upsets me, stop talking about it'

    who knew to be a JW we had to put our brains on the shelf?

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    I know how you feel, my wife treats me in the same way. But at least you are free from this mind control.
  • stuckinarut2
    Ask your husband to explain why the Organization "chosen by God" built a house for the all the "ancient worthies" to be resurrected back to in the USA (beth-sarim)....Then when they DIDNT come back, Rutherford thought HE could live there!!??
  • kairos

    I have spouted off to my wife, something along the line of:
    "Prove it's 'the Truth' and I will come back to the meetings".

    So far nothing...

    I thought they were supposed to make a defense for the faith?

  • Heaven

    LHS123 said: who knew to be a JW we had to put our brains on the shelf?

    This is the requirement for all religion. In order to have faith, one must leave reason and logic behind. Evidence and the demand for such are religion's nemesis.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Vidiot

    He was asked for proof...


    ...and got pissed because he had none.

  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    Thanks everyone for advice, comments etc. 3 days and we still not speaking! I walk into a room and he walks out. He missed meeting this morning. He staying upstairs.

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