Hygh's Story

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  • seesthesky

    HYGY - nice writing, u got a gift, keep at it.

  • Hyghlandyr


    If that sista means you a sista, then holla cause YO I be diggin that.

    Anyhow...Over the past few years, especially since writing that, Ive been deleten LOTS of ole memories and fillin em in with cooler modern ones. The trip from there to here has been really exciting. Though I imagin dull for some others. As I get time I will fill yall in. As to the deletin memories...its like a lot of that stuff just isnt there in my mind anymore. I said yesterday Im not as angry...And I feel good. Kinda like Korn, cept I didnt need jesus to get there. (And would someone tell Korn singer dude that hey his angry music helped a lot of us express stuff so we didnt go off the deep:)

    Much love dahlin. Hope our paths cross.

    Gretchen I dont know why folks say that. Im an amiable dude. Rally I am. But like the conversations Ive been havin the last couple days with folks..if I say something and someone doesnt understand where I am coming from they can ask. For instance someone in the chat room said someone said something bout her bein a whore. I asked..well are you a whore? Now to some this seems like an insult. Thats because most folks live in a duality based on a monotheistic system. I am pagan. I am polytheistic. I celebrate life. My religion allows for pansexuality in all its varieties. In ancient times followers of my religion practiced sacred prostitution. It wasnt simply an excuse to get off. It was a recognition that deity was everywhere, including, perhaps especially, in pleasure. When a pagan uses the term whore its a compliment. Indeed I know of at least a few pagan prostitutes who are reviving the ancient sacred harlotry. (some legally, some not) Myself, as I grow into my priesthood, it will be one thing I explore. Eventually..though not in the way perhaps you imagine when I say so.

    Thus I get perplexed when someone misunderstands something I say completely innocuous. Even if it might seem insulting. Because..I cannot be insulted. Only misunderstood. Also I dont do what I am told just because I am told. I think it is ridiculous...and DANGEROUS that our elected officials will spend so much time distracting us from their misdeeds by deciding to charge media companies in excess of 1.5 million dollars each time someone on their channels uses certain words. Will they also charge the media company if one of their corporate officials rapes a child? Or is accused of abuse and their boards dont expose it? What about a president of a company that beats his wife..will his company be charged? I highly doubt it..and I cannot fathom the reasons why uttering certain words is more vile than raping a child (as evidenced by the amount of time, expense, and the depth of the penalty they have chosen for one vs the other) .

    So as I said in chat to a couple folks...if someone wants me to explain something I will. But if I say something and someone assumes something else..I will let them assume and until they ask for information, I wont bother explaining. The reason I do so isnt because I dont care about folks. I care immensely. I do so because no matter which path I take I am accused (as many often are) of one or another thing anyhow. So I live and do and talk and winnow.

    But I am open....


    I am not in school. I will be attending hopefully soon. First a community college then university. Assuming I can get them to craft the degree I want. In the meantime I am preparing for my computer certification exams. I will start with A+ and Network+ then move on to a Microsoft MCP and eventually MCSE.

    Nice to see you too dude. Weve come a long way since those days.


    You should see my writing when I am drunk:)

  • Gretchen956

    Well see, Hygh, we do have something in common, we are both pagan.


  • Hyghlandyr

    We will have to discuss paganism sometime.

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