Should I Make My Wife Watch the May Broadcast?

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  • TTATTelder

    For some background, I am still in. Still an elder. Very much awake. Still trapped by family, spouse, employment, yada yada. I am trying to gently wake my wife up so she doesn't freak out and divorce me to stay in the Truman show.

    (btw Wayward Pines is a new TV mini series that is eerily like being a JW)

    Anyhow, we haven't watched a broadcast yet. She has barely mentioned them. I have, up until now, thought this was a good thing (which it is). Now, though, with this Lett money-grab episode, I'm thinking it may be a better move to get her to watch it to see what they're up to. I'm torn because I see the broadcasts as additional indoctrination sessions, so part of me doesn't want to go there.

    Any thoughts? Your help is appreciated.


    PS - Admittedly it will be hard for me to sit through it without pointing out the lies and deception. Hell I can print off the letter that has the additional instructions for elders concerning the new "no mortgage" program.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Give it a shot. See what happens.

    Watch it for Family Study Night.

  • joe134cd
    Yup good idea. Just slowly and gently and pick the right moment. As I side point I'm just wondering how you do it. I was only a publisher who thought he could play both worlds of TTATT/loyal to I fully except the employment family issue but man it must do your head in. It did mine.
  • freemindfade
    as an elder you are in a unique position to play dumb and say that's odd. And when she says what? Get the letter and just read it. Lead her along. We can't do that. There are many incriminating things in elders letters that most of us can't share.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Mr. Lett's video is one of the most damning, self-condemning strokes the Org has pulled in the past few years.

    They have crossed a line, and any J.W. who isn't at the very least troubled with the overt "requests" for cash from publishers' bank accounts and the congregations' bank accounts, should be regarded with deep concern by anyone who cares about them.

    Yes - make her watch it, and show her the letter!

  • OneFingerSalute
    After watching it "suggest" a few innocent methods to give more to the FDS. Make sure most of them will be things that have a very negative effect of her comfort personally. Giving up housing, food, and clothing is not the easiest thing for many people to do.
  • Xanthippe
    I am trying to gently wake my wife up so she doesn't freak out and divorce me to stay in the Truman show.

    Then you say should I make my wife watch the May broadcast?

    Can't you see that the words gently and make are contradictory here? A loving husband does not make his wife do anything.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Just tell her that you heard that in the May broadcast of JW T.V they are asking us all to up the amount of money we are giving. Before we do, I suppose it would be a good idea to see what this is all about.

    (click....on goes the TV)

    Let (Lett) and the broadcast speak for itself . Keep the remote control at the ready and pause it at key points that are puzzling you such as:

    When Lett say in so many words, "we never ask for money", you could hit the pause button and say:

    "huh??? Didn't he just say they have all these big projects and they need more funds??"

    When he talks about the $1 million (plus) needed to build each translation office you cold say:

    "It seems like it would be wiser to rent a existing office space or do the translating remotely from Bethel. How hard could it be to take a book or magazine that has already been written in English and translate it to another language and send them from New York ? I wonder why they need a whole new complex to do it ? It would be nice if they would give us a breakdown of all the costs so we could make an informed decision. "

    If you ask the questions rhetorically, she won't feel compelled to answer or become defensive, rather she may dare to entertain her own questions as they arise during the broadcast.

  • ToesUp

    There is a part in the video where Lett makes the comment that we do not coerce people to give money like other religions do. The contradiction is that this statement is made after several minutes of coercing. You could make the comment that "Wow...they don't coerce people to give money like other religions but yet the spent the first 20 minutes asking for money. Isn't that considered coercing?" We have been doing this with some of our "still in " family members. We are trying to chip away, one little thing at a time. It may take some time and patience on our part but it's a thick block of ice to chip away at.

    There is SO MUCH in that video that is so wrong but when others are so brainwashed, they just can't see it. It's frustrating!

    TTATTelder, I really feel for you having to stay in. That has to be brutal for you. Hang in there my friend!

  • TTATTelder

    Thanks for the good advice everybody. I would like to give individual responses but I can't right now.

    I like the subtle approach mentioned and generally the outside take on things. It helps give me perspective.

    Joe, to answer your question, it's borderline psychological torture if I'm honest. Not healthy. Can't do the elder thing much longer. I've planted some seeds so she knows it's coming. Just about timing and when I'm comfortable to take on the reactions and such.

    Xanthippe, I thought about how some could take the title of the thread. I thought it made a catchier headline, though, if you will. I'm not that guy lol. Not by a long shot.


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