Can you prove Jesus existed outside of Bible (so called) evidence?

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Offering proof that Christians existed is not proof that Jesus did.

    2000 years from now will people see the existence of Star Trek conventions and trekkies as proof that Captain kirk was real? I hope not.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Until you make the effort to find out how and why we have the bible we do today you will likely never get to the truth of anything.

  • darth frosty
  • confusedandalone

    perfect picture there jgnat.. a picture of a jackass on a cross... the best reference to the event imaginable lol

  • nicolaou

    What did contemporary historians of the time have to say about some of the astonishing events surrounding Jesus birth and life? Events that the faithful hold up as verifying the Christ claim?

    For example, Herod has all the baby boys in Bethlehem killed! Anyone jot that down?

    Jesus rides triumphantly into Jerusalem where the masses welcome him as KING! Where was that recorded again?

    At his execution a supernatural darkness covers the land for hours and the heavy, SACRED curtain of the Temple is mysteriously rent in twain!! You'd think someone might have mentioned this stuff SOMEWHERE!

    Let's not even get started about the graves opening and the zombies walking around . . . or not . . whatever

  • bohm

    Best reference: josepheus near the end of a century. A short snippet widely regarded as being partly a later addition. No reason to think josepheus did any sort of fact-checking.

    In other words, this tell us nothing asides what the christians believed at the time, which we allready know.

    A bit like using a book written today on the people who believe a ufo crashed in the 40s near roswell as evidence it really did happend..

  • KateWild

    posted this before, 3rd century:-jgnat

    I am sure you weren't alive in the 3rd century and certainly this site didn't exist then either. No you did not post this this before the 3rd century my dear. Lol sorry could resist. (yes you got the coma) Kate xx

  • humbled

    All we know is that others wrote about there being a Jesus early on.

    It means that for undeniable evidence---nothing is certain. I will have to decide it myself.

    They didn't keep birth records of the sons of carpenters on microchips or this would be as easy as finding out if you are real, punky.

    Jesus may have lived but not-quite-what the Churchscriptures say about him.

    If he did live, then we have only fragments to look at--and these are messed up . What I found was the love teachings apart from the cranky theology is great for me.

  • Gopher

    If there were a miracle-working preacher claiming to be a king living in the Roman Empire, certainly there would be more than scant or nonexistent evidence in the records of the empire. Other information and records such as business transactions performed during that time in the empire have been found and preserved, but nothing about Jesus as Bart Ehrman noted.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    there's more "proof" that robin hood existed than jesus christ. which he didn't.

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