Letter About Blood Fractions

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    Letter About Blood Fractions.


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  • rebel8

    Thanks for sharing this. Who was the recipient of this letter? Just curious. I'm shocked they bothered to write such a long letter. Perhaps they have templates they use in these situations. lol

    The slave decided 4 main components represent life while the other fractions don't. Yes, well, the slave decided to keep that a secret for a while, and some of us had near-death experiences as a result (and I'm sure some died). Just to keep it a secret that they changed their minds. Out of pride.

    Be assured that what has been published by "the faithful and discreet slave" on the subject of blood has first been carefully and prayerfully weighed in the light of God's Word. mmkay. Why did you change your mind then?

  • ldrnomo

    That letter was written to me. I first sent a letter to the bORG with my concerns and it took several months before recieving this response.

    When the CO came to visit I was removed as an elder and shortly after that ordered COC and within a couple of months of my removal stopped going to meetings.

    The whole uncomfortable process was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

  • AlphaMan

    Love the "old light" at the end where it refers to the anointed remnant as the F&DS. The Watchtower Society has made their bullshit up as they go along for over 100 years now. Soon as their Legal Dept can figure out a way to drop the no blood doctrine without bringing massive lawsuits against the Cult for wrongful death because of their bat-shit crazy theology, then the Watchtower will announce new light to allow blood transfusions.

  • Apognophos

    Interesting. I hadn't seen that reasoning point before about how the Jews would use the drained blood as fertilizer. It's funny that the Society thinks this supports their view instead of working against it. Apparently they are confident that the blood in this case was thoroughly decomposed, which is what makes the crucial difference between "Blood was used for something" and "Distantly-related blood products were used for something" that they use in defense of their statement that sufficiently distant products of blood might be acceptable for transfusion.

    It seems that they did not understand the point of the alcohol analogy, although I don't know how it was presented to them. They wrote, "as long as the substance could be defined or understood to be alcohol, it should not be taken into the body, whether by mouth or otherwise." I think the fundamental error they're making here is that they always placed too strong an emphasis on the scriptural command to avoid blood. It was something that made a man unclean for a while, that's all. Nobody ever got stoned over eating unbled meat, did they?

    So naturally if a person was starving and could only survive by eating freshly-killed, unbled meat, this would be acceptable under Jewish law, and all the more so would it be acceptable for a Christian, as Jesus made it clear that the rules of the Mosaic Law took second place to showing compassion (e.g. his healing on the Sabbath, allowing the plucking of grain and looking for lost sheep on the Sabbath, and the account of the adulteress). Naturally if a doctor knew his patient was an alcoholic, but also knew that the patient needed an alcohol transfusion to survive, he would transfuse. Better to save his life and deal with a possible relapse later.

    I was also irritated by the length of the letter. As we all know, it could have been summed up as, "Look, we're catching a lot of flak for this and need to get some legal heat off our backs, so just take the hint and mark the allowed fractions off as 'acceptable' on your blood cards, okay?"

  • jwfacts

    What a load of meaningless waffle that goes around in circles. They basically say that it doesn't matter if the doctrine makes no sense, as a JW can take a stricter stance if they require.

    There is quite a significant lie, when they say that blood naturally settles into its 4 fractions. Blood settles that way only after being treated in a centrifuge. There is no basis to say the 4 components extracted from the centrifuge are acceptable, or that any other components are not.

  • wannaexit

    I'd like to read this letter but it appears all on the right side of the screen. Any suggestions on how I can reformat for easy of reading. Thanks

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