The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • FlyingHighNow

    I hope that discerning readers will notice that Adam and I have nothing in else common.

    I have noticed. I stopped reading Adam's posts after the first few.

  • bohm

    hmmm. I sense..

  • adamah

    NH&H said-

    During a physical examination for an insurance policy the nurse filling in the questionsire asks, " Are your parents alive or dead and if dead how did they die? If from sickness what kind? answer " Dead they died in the tsununi" The nurse lowers her head " How many sisters and brothers do you have or did you have? Are they alive or dead? " Answer " 4 sisters, and two brothers and they were killed in the tsanmi" The nurses eyes filled with tears and answered him " arnt you lucky? isnt it great God chose you to stay alive."

    Yup, that's the believer's typical response, since they cannot handle the conflicts in their beliefs, and choose to see it as an act of love for the survivors.

    And that's the irony here: ten years ago, FEW here would've said anything different, or felt ANY twinge of guilt after reading the Genesis flood account, where God wiped out the ENTIRE creation of Earth (sans 8 humans). My brother (a JW elder) reflects the callous indifferent nature that the reader is forced to adopt, and with a completely straight face will say, "Doesn't God have a right to do so? He had to destroy the evil ones who threatened to ruin EVERYTHING for the others! God MADE the Earth and gave us life, and what God giveth, He also can taketh away ."

    His Worldview is based on the concept of God who possesses absolute and perfect righteous and justice, and by definition, anything God does is right. And unlike some believers, he's actually got the moral conviction to admit his thinking, as if he's unaware of philosopher Jeremy Bentham's old utilitarian argument ("greatest good for the greatest number", which is what democracy is based upon), since he'll honestly admit that he truly believes "might makes right", as long as the mightier power is "good". He also thinks he's on the winning side (Team Jehovah) and it's going to benefit him and his immediate family.

    A parallel was seen recently when Kim Jong eun had his own uncle executed for treason; in a totalitarian society, the act sent an unmistakeable message that he's in control and is willing to his own deceased father's brother put to death, and the killing increased Kim's cache and reasserted him power, sending a message that everyone in NK is allowed to remain alive by Kim's grace and love, only.

    The flood account occurs only SIX chapters into the Bible, and sends the same message with a God figure (Jehovah) asserting his dominance and power over His entire Creation, man and animal alike; modern readers think how lucky THEY are to be alive now (like the nurse said, above). The transferrence of power (delegation of authority) not coincidentally occurs in the same flood account, just to make it clear God's in charge and He's delegated Divine power to his Earthly representatives (Noah). This wasn't an original concept, eg the older Atrahasis account from Babylon also features a God wiping out humanity with a flood, and the survivor who built an ark is rewarded by given Kingship, given permission to rule over his fellow men. Same story, different names....

    Believers, however much they may deny their primary motive is fear, similarly are controlled by their fear of God; it's why they paradoxically proclaim how "God is love", when they're HOPING this God is filled with love (esp for THEM, where they cannot do enough to keep him happy). JWs take full advantage of the ancient story to control members who fear death in Armageddon, and are organizationally-locked in the same delusional belief system, trapped by their fears (both real and imagined).

  • jgnat

    NH&H, one thing about my son-in-law's example, is that I would not dare preach to him about God's mercy. I wouldn't dare preach to him about anything, except to thank him for showing great discernment when picking out gifts for my daughter. He's gone nose-to-nose with evil and lived to tell the tale. I have nothing to say.

    Which is why I am flabbergasted that this pastor thought that cofty was open game.

  • adamah

    FHN said-

    I have noticed. I stopped reading Adam's posts after the first few.


    Don't read then: there's no requirement that you or anyone else read EVERYTHING posted by others, much less respond to comments, ESPECIALLY when you have nothing to add (and off-topic non-responses (AKA tone-trolling) don't count, regardless of who engages in it).


  • caliber

    I once had an Elder say to me as I almost reached the point of heated resentment

    "Brother ... watch your spirit please !" (this would be a politeness monitor)
    while I may have had a valid point or concern , I stopped in my tracks for a moment to rethink my approach.

    That Elder taught me a valuable leasson... that still ring in my ears 20 years later !!!

    He was right about that at least, when we lose compassion, our fellow feeling. our point is lost ,ears close ,resentment sets in ... our feeling of contempt is all that is felt and heard by others

    On this thread about Bethel there is one comment, really addresses this concern "the atmosphere of Bethel "
    Interview with a former Bethelite who now knows TTATT ~~Raypublisher
    Note this telling observation...

    It seems like so many begin to awaken after attending Bethel. I think this is due to them seeing the pharasaical and heartless cold attitudes there, as well as the general lack of any evidence of Jehovahs spirit. If it cant be found at the world headquaters of Gods only true organization, then where can it be found~~~?BU2B

    Yes the atmosphere in a discussion is important too.. points are lost by in-fighting

    sorry for going off topic I just felt a need to say this ... sorry

    But really with this long a thread how can there not be much repetition or wandering off topic ?

    So please don't shoot me cofty !!!!

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Adamah you mention the King Jong report was he had his uncle and 5 assistants thrown naked to be eaten alive by dogs...i couldnt help but parralel this with the Bible account of the prophet who was mocked by some kids for being bald and God had the kids torn, ripped limh from limb and eaten by bears as punnishment...

    Jgnat thanks for story of the sinarmi was fiction, but i did know a young man and his wife that were died in that tragity, terrible senceless tragity and insurance cant be settled untill the bodies are found....yes this loss of life had implications...a generation not born and oh how it devastates the lifes of mums and dads, brothers and sisters ect ect ....

  • humbled


    Definitely timely.

    Yesterday I was thinking of leaving the board on account of the acidity levels being WAY too high for conversation to flow.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Well said calibet... i remember these words from somewhere "The fool thinks he has won a battle when he bullies with harch words"

  • humbled

    Skeet shooting is a gun game with a redundant name. Skeet I believe means "shoot".

    It's a practice for bird shooting that is a game in itself, I think. The gunner skeets/shoots at clay "pigeons"--clay discs that are rapidly (mechanically) sent sailing through the air. He/she is not selective, shooting them all if possible.

    that's what I (mistakenly) thought you were doing. Glad to hear otherwise.

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