The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • KateWild

    cofty you sound like you are angry with God, or that you think all believers should be because there is no evidence to support he is benevolent as the bible proffesses.

    Many believers are angry with God are you?

    Kate xx

  • cofty

    Kate - I would be happy to answer that old canard for the hundredth time on a different thread.

    This thread is about investigating possible answers for god's inaction on 26th Dec 2004.

  • 2+2=5

    Many believers are angry with God are you?

    You can't be serious.

  • KateWild

    on a different thread.-cofty

    I have posed 2 Q's on a different thread, care to join in? I have moved the topic of A'ism off this thread now, as you requested. Kate xx

    2+, I was baiting him, he threw me off his thread but refuses to join mine, when it's all the same topic to me. Kate xx

  • cofty

    he threw me off his thread

    I simply asked you to stat on-topic. Your input on the actual question would be very welcome.

  • Ucantnome

    Cofty to make yourself more moral than God would u stop all natural disasters before they happen to save lives and would this include all life or just humans?

  • snare&racket

    Not one person has explained how or why so many people could die beneath god's gaze. Anyone that has been in a position of seeing someone hurt or dying in front of them, knows the overwhelming, potent feelings of wanting to do everything in your power to save them. That makes humble humans the moral superior over the god of the bible, who not only turns his head away from disaster, but caused so many in the biblical accounts. Of course, to atheists this reaffirms his non existence, though it was a spanner in the works for me, long ago when i used to be a christian. I was a 'christian' when it happened and I did not dare try to explain away so many dead innocent people, with ignorance and bias. No doubt it is still a huge spanner for christians still who insist he listens to THEIR prayers, helped get a cheap car , helped pay for shopping last week, sent a tax rebate at the right time, 'answered prayers' about a third cousins tumor.

    Why would god hear any ONE of the insignificant prayers yet watch hundreds of thousands of people simply die. Nobody here denies those people would have been petitioning him more than ever in their lives, good people. But he simply ignores them. With his alleged powers, I could not inore them, could you? Why ignore them? Due to some convoluted greater goal of 'sanctifying his name'? A cause long ago lost once the old testament and the atrocities within it were written!

    the answer:

    Planet earth has inevitible disasters because of how it was formed and how it functions. It is a very perilous planet evident by the several mass extinctions of all but few life in its history. The dangerous points of the earth are points where nature flourishes due to them being sources of fresh water, good soil and vegetation. There is no evidence for a god at all and such events reaffirm this.

    That is the very simple answer.

    Most christians dont like the idea of god being so shoddy in his earth designs, but that is your battle not ours. Some blame human causes! But the worst earthquake was centuries ago around 1550 near China. killing more people than any natural disaster in history, over 800,000. No bombs, no nukes, no 'end of times', no human interference.... Just how our planet functions.


  • Xanthippe

    Earthquakes and tsunamis are inevitable because of the way the earth is made. It would have been trivially easy for a creator to design plate boundaries that glided over each other without causing earthquakes. Apparently he didn't think of that. - Cofty

    I find the idea that if God existed he could easily have made the tectonic plates glide over one another fascinating, Cofty. I would like to hear more about that. Have I understood it correctly that for example the Indo-Australian Plate has collided with Eurasia forming the Himalayas? So what should have happened instead if a creator was in control? Would the Indian plate have glided under Eurasia where they met and would the mountains still have formed?

  • snare&racket

    Cofty's point, is that god wouldnt have got a job in Apple, with his shoddy handywork. To say this planets perilous activity is the only way god could have built a planet is to reduce god to a failure in woodwork, the easisest of all subjects :P

    Option 2, he is a douche and designed it to be perilous

    Option 3, he is as real as Ra, Mithra, Zeus.....

  • cofty

    Who knows? Over - under, whatever the creator chose, he's god.

    Plates would still move, moutains would still form. Earthquakes would be an optional extra.

    But that is a distraction. Lets imagine that it is beyond the wit of god to design a planet without earthquakes.

    The fact remains he passively observed a tsunami on 26th Dec 2004 that killed a quarter of a million innocent men, women and children.

    That raises a challenge to theism that remains unsolved.

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