The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • caliber

    Cheers to all that have taken part on this thread , hopely some valuable ideas's were exchanged

    If you feel at peace with your inner spirit it makes life fulfilling !!!


    peace and love


    Houston Texans Cheerleaders, cheerleaders, pom poms

    P.S. I love pom pom girls ....they add spirit and joy .. I love all of God's creations !!

    Like I said, try reading before you wave your pom-poms.

    So... anyone who thinks that someone makes a good point... and say so... is waving pompoms? Be sure to tell all the people who have agreed with you or said good point to you.

    cofty.. I think my pom pom girls might be prettier than yours


    caliber, now that's my idea of heaven.

    THE WATCHTOWER JANUARY 2014 Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    By his words, Satan implied that Eve—and by extension, all humans—would be better off without God’s rulership. In this case too, Jehovah knew that the best way to address the challenge would be to let Satan try to prove his point. So God has allowed Satan to rule this world for a time.

    Frankly the idea that Satan has ruled the world makes more sense. The snag is that he hasn’t ruled it for a time, as the Watchtower Society claims, but since the beginning of human time. He got the attention of the first humans, even before they had become parents, and turned them away from god. God’s immediate response was to hand rulership over to Satan; not for just a few years but from the very beginning until now. What a wimp. I have more respect for Satan’s character and cunning.

    Fortunately for me, it is all just a romping mythological yarn and as far detached from reality as Thor and Odin. No, hold on, much further than that. The magic of reality is so refreshing.

  • cofty

    Caliber. You satated that it is right, loving and ethical to passively observe the death of a quarter of a million innocent people, even if it is within your power to prevent it.

    This is a stunning statement.

    Despite lots of promises about an afterlife you have still not explained how it can be right, loving or ethical to drown a quarter of a million people as if their present life was of so little consequence.

  • jgnat

    Matters on the earth are inconsequential and God balances out in the afterlife anyways? I think this is on your list already, Cofty.

  • cofty

    Yes jgnat. I am working on a more useful summary now.

    Its the answer that I find really damning.

    Life matters. To trivialise real human suffering with vacuous promises about a spirit world is unconscionable.

    Even if somebody is convinced about blessings after death it is still appaling to minimise the reality of human suffering.

  • tec

    No one is trivializing human suffering.

    Some have faith and hope for life to continue or to be restored even if lost (by "natural" causes or otherewise)... and some do not.

    If you cannot have that faith or hope without trivializing suffering or devaluing life... then that is on you. But do not project that onto others.



  • cofty

    Tammy - Your proposal and that of Caliber is that it is moral and loving to leave a quarter of a million people to drown on the basis that the next life is more important.

    This is to dismiss and trivialise huamn suffering. It is callous in the extreme. It is dehumanising.

  • caliber

    8. It wasn't god's time to act

    Response - Is there a better time for a loving god to act than before the tsunami kills a quarter of a million innocent people? cofty

    P.S. Cofty is this an answer or just repeating your question in another form ?

    Yes a better time to act is one decisive blow to end all human suffering forever yet future . God's universal issue is of uttermost importance, it is of greater importance than our current human life.

    Not that they would not die or suffer. Christ said that disasters would happen. He said that they would have suffering.

    Intimately involved - as in speaking, guiding, teaching, promising and giving eternal life, giving fruits of the spirit, giving the right to become children of God, giving strength and comfort and love and life.~~ Tec

  • cofty

    Caliber - How would stopping the tsunami interfere with god's plan to end all human suffering later?

    Why is it "either - or"?

    We are not pawns in god's great pissing contest with Satan. Our lives and happiness in this life really matters.

    There is no point in giving a thumbs-up to points that support your opinion unless you also deal honestly with the reply to that point.

  • tootired2care

    God's universal issue is of uttermost importance, it is of greater importance than our current human life.

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