I am free!!! What Shall I do on this Meeting Night?

by KateWild 53 Replies latest jw friends

  • designs

    Go bowling

  • KateWild

    But I wouldn't do anything to prove to the jws in your life that you are deserving of their negative judgment.- Blondie

    Thanks for your post. The meeting is in 4hrs and I have a overwhelming urge for human contact, point's 1,3 and 6 invlove human contact. Logically this contact is mainly negative or stagnent in my mind. But the emotional desire to have human contact is incredible for me. This is why I am so tempted by these three options as opposed to the sitting alone options.

    I might go to the soup kitchen and put my name down to volunteer, so in a few weeks I may have more options.

    This place is a crutch until we get better, I want to get better. I have posted nearly 1000 times since 17.10.13. I see your point Blondie. But my options are slim

    Kate xx

  • cantleave

    No brainer -

    6. Go to town to a club and pick up a man to commit adultery with

  • KateWild

    Go bowling -designs

    On my own designs? How do you bowl alone? I will go with you. Kate xx

  • KateWild

    Angus, I really will. I am not joking.

    Besides is it adultery if I am already divorced?

    Sam xx

  • cantleave

    No it's not adultery, fornication enjoying yourself.


    KateWild Well, you’re a naughty girl, cos you know you should really be at the Kingdom Hall. Please don’t do anything wild Kate. I suggest you play the Generation Game.

    Grab a copy of the January 2014 Watchtower study article. “Let Your Kingdom Come”—But When? After prayerful consideration do your best to make sense of the ongoing fiasco of the Watchtower Society stretching a generation like a piece of chewing gum. Stay away from Twitter - it's demonised.

    Good luck - and may your Bethel-gods go with you.

  • KateWild

    No it's not adultery, fornication enjoying yourself.-cantleave

    Well seeing as you have wholeheartedly advocated this course of action on a public forum. I will go with that. I am off to put my glad rags on, and paint the town.

    Kate xx

  • flipper

    KATE0 No. 5 & 8 sound good. I' ve really enjoyed getting to know many fine folks here on this board. Lots of nice people here. And watching a great movie at home alone can be really therapeutic as well. My wife and I would love to chat with you some time. Hang in there- you'll get through this all right

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    definately 6.

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