I am free!!! What Shall I do on this Meeting Night?

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  • KateWild

    cool flipper, PM me your contact details, I would love that. Kate xx

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Have a nice day go out to dinner or to a movie and be sure to buy yourself a present and think about all the things that make you happy


    Doing anything that violates your own conscience is not a good idea, because you will harm yourself and ultimately your son. Don't make a decision based on a desire to lash out at the WTBTS or your Ex. It's safer to be bored.

    If you need to be with people, I would try to meet some people from JWN in your area. Go help other people. Do something GOOD. Just go read at the library or a coffee shop. Being around others, even if you don't actually meet anyone is nice. You still soak up some of the energy of the crowd. Jeeze, I don't know..join a book club. Join a Gym. Just don''t do anything that you will regret.

    This is just my opinion here, and many will not agree. Going out and getting tanked or sleeping around is just a way of acting out. It is a temporary way to forget a problem that could have far reaching consequences. You may have been half-way joking when you mentioned sleeping around, but think about your son if you are serious. Your ex would love to use that against you in court. And some things are just an emotional band-aid, a crutch of sorts, and they can cause a lot of damage.


  • KateWild


    Thank you for the voice of reason, Angus/cantleave wasn't really advocating sleeping around. I was just winding him up, and baiting someone reasonable like you to help me out.

    Well I have decided. I am going ice-skating. In Liverpool, we have a festive ice-rink on top of the shopping centre. I will buy, a hot chocolate after a few times round the rink. I will take "Einsein and religion" with me to read, and talk to the genral public. I will not sleep around or make a point in the KH, as I don't want to give my ex any amo.

    I have a meeting with the SWs in the morning, so I am pent up and need release in an appropriate way. I will be home early, to settle with one galss of Bailey's and a chat to an ex-jw friend.

    Sigh of relief my evening is planned, thanks guys love to you all

    Thanks for caring so much DD love Kate xx

  • MadGiant
  • tec

    Well now your evening sounds just wonderful, Kate!

    You get to be around people, do something fun and active, and also read the book you want.



  • PlatinumFix

    Hey Kate,

    What ya mean by meeting with SW's?

  • nicolaou

    Oh I remember the first year or two of missed meeting nights, a mixture of guilt for the strain it put on my lovely wife but also the FREEDOM! Taking my kids to go skateboarding with their friends or just putting my feet up and watching some footie on the box - bliss.

    My family - including my delicious Mrs - have been happily out of the cult for a good twelve years or so now. Meeting nights haven't registered for a very long time . . .

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Social workers?

    The first few weeks when i stopped going it was fantastic to sit and watch TV on a Thursday night, it was strange at 1st, but after about 6 weeks the meeting never even crossed my mind.

  • Vidiot

    KateWild - "...I will not sleep around..."

    Well, something tells me that if/when you decide to have that kind of fun, whoever you decide to have it with will be a very lucky guy.

    "...I'm free...to do what I want...any old time..."

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