I am free!!! What Shall I do on this Meeting Night?

by KateWild 53 Replies latest jw friends

  • KateWild

    So I am at a loose end tonight. I am not going to the meeting and sitting on the back row looking repentant NO WAY!

    Here are some options... Care to add some if you wish, help me to decide.

    1. Go to the meeting and sit in the middle, reading "Einstein and Religion" paperback, go in early and stay after the prayer. Have a good old chit chat to anyone who will listen, especially new studies. Wind up Bro IamSoFullofMyself and his wife. Could be fun.

    2. Go to my ex's meeting and sit next to my son because I miss him so much. (it could cause complicatons in court)

    3. Come party on JWN. Join in a God's vs Atheist thread and wind up the Atheists, but Cofty, phizzy, cantleave have got onto me, only adam takes the bait now, but it's fun nonetheless

    4. Stay at home alone and read "Einstein and Religion"

    5. Stay at home alone and watch TV

    6. Go to town to a club and pick up a man to commit adultery with

    7. Go and find an evangeligal religion, that puts you in the shampoo positon to pray.

    8. Or maybe you could ring or skype me, and we could have a drink together, and get to know each other better. PM me if you want to.

    Those are my options I have thought of, can you add any or help me decide. Thanks Kate xx

  • nonjwspouse

    I have a friend that will volunteer to serve dinner in the soup kitchen sometimes when she is alone. Helping the other people really helps her too.

  • jgnat

    I am going to a political meeting.

  • KateWild

    soup kitchen-non

    I like the idea of helping out, soup kitchen seems a bit to close to religion to me. I know where there is one near our KH, I went into speak to them as a JW. They werfe really nice to me, I might venture. But I am still damaged by the cult and don't want to be controlled again.

    Thanks for an extra idea non

    Kate xx

  • braincleaned

    Put the music on as loud as you want and happy-dance your way in freedom. Then prepare yourself a good cocktail, find your favorite sofa, and read your book with glee!
    (maybe a hint of classical music or jazz, Ben Webster style in the background).
    Thumbs up to ya, Kate!

  • KateWild

    Go for you you jgnat. I was non-political when before I had heard of JWs. How much do you know of English politics?

    A few years ago Tory back bencher's were exposed for filddling ther expences, at the same time the Tories were cracking down on benefit fraud. HYPOCRITES!

    Tony Blair was no different. He was a left wing labour Prime Minsiter who sent his kids to public schools (That means you pay for them here in Engalnd, State schools are free). His wife Cherrie Blair was as right wing as you can get, top barrister. HYPOCRITES!

    Politics is good to chat about, but I don't think anyone could win my vote. I might see if there are meetings. Good idea.

    Kate xx

  • braincleaned

    Meh... to me politics is like religion without gods.

  • KateWild

    Put the music on as loud as you want and happy-dance your way in freedom.-vince

    Only if you skype me Vince, otherwise I will end up in the house alone, then baiting Adam on a God vs atheist thread.

    Love Sam xx

  • blondie

    Hubbie and I are having dinner together at home...its a holiday in the US. Shopping is early this year but I hate crowds. I love shopping online. We are going to put up the tree and decorate outside now that we have snow (just snowmen and snowflakes and the white lights we have up all year long in the trees). We might go to a movie (Catching Fire, Thor, Captain Phillips?). I'll be shopping for a 16 year old male teen, a black winter coat with a hood, for our Christmas family. Any suggestions? I have never been a 16 year old male teen and don't know what is in fashion today.

    In my area there is a number 211 that you can call to find people who might need company or help today. I personally enjoy my own company at times. I have continuing projects. But I wouldn't do anything to prove to the jws in your life that you are deserving of their negative judgment. I'm not df'd but am occasionally "shunned." I just give them a happy wave or hello. I have had jws do terrible things to me and my husband, but after the last 12 years I have seen their lives fall apart due to their unkindnesses to us and others. Emotionally we have continued to thrive.


  • Syme

    Walk downtown, go shopping, go to a cafe. That would be a nice alternative to the meeting.

    If stay indoors, I would suggest Twitter, but be careful cause it's addictive :)

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