Nov 20, 2013 Letter to All Congregations (RE: Phillipines Disaster Relief)

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  • joe134cd

    Can they legally get away with that. I'm guessing they can!!!

  • jonahstourguide

    As it was read this morning a pall of uneasiness filled the hall,,,you could feel it as

    the bro reading it was shuffling on the spot obviously affected by the import of it

    and I'm thinking which knucklehead reckons the poor basta$%s dont need stuff.

    Like, how many no longerhave families etc. Well in oz "moments like these need minties"

    Pigs Ar%e. someone needs a cracker up theirs....... I'm steaming,,,,

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Give us your f&ckin money, we will spend it how WE want to!!

  • Weana

    "there is no need for donations of food, clothing..."

    I do well understand such a letter. I have seen that after natural disasters, some brothers, unasked to do so, brought large bags of old clothes to Bethel. They expected Bethel to transport that clothes to the disaster area. The brothers who brought that clothes did not really know which kind of clothes would be of help for their brothers in a tropical ara, nor did they consider that the costs for airfreight transport of old clothes would have been more expensive then buying new clothes of useful quality and quantity not far from disaster area...

  • designs

    The last check I ever wrote the Wt. was because they sent back a similar letter- Dear _____ We'll spend your money however we damn well please, thank you very much.

  • BluesBrother

    I have a note here of the letter in more context , not attributed to a source, but I have confidence in its auhenticity.

    Dear Brothers:

    Many publishers have inquired how to contribute to the disaster relief effort underway
    following the recent disasters in the Philippines. Never underestimate the good effect that your
    prayers can have on the brothers in an area that has been struck by a disaster. (2 Cor. 1:8-11)
    You may also feel motivated to express your concern through a donation. The November 2005
    issue of Our Kingdom Ministry, page 3, stated: “It is recommended that donations for humanitarian
    and relief assistance be made to the worldwide work. This fund is used for relief efforts as
    well as for advancing the spiritual needs of the Christian brotherhood. If, for some reason, a person
    wishes to make a relief donation separate from contributions to the worldwide work, it will
    still be accepted and used wherever there is a need for relief assistance. However, it would be
    appreciated if such donations are made without restrictions as to where and how the funds may
    be used.” Additionally, at this time, there is no need for donations of food, clothing, or other
    items. If such needs arise in the future, you will be notified accordingly.

    We send our warm Christian love.

    Notice that this not really a disaster relief appeal, it is emergency aid to the brothers. I can accept that for that, food etc are already already supplied to them locally. By channelling donations through the WW Fund, they can say that cash is given is for the "Christian Ministry" and not for secular humanitarian causes.

    They don't involve themselves in such things , just that any leftovers can be given to the locals as an afterthought.....

  • nugget

    I can appreciate that it may be sensible to discourage brothers and sisters from donating clothes and food. Whilst these may be needed it is better to buy supplies than deal with sorting and moving items that may be inappropriate for the needs of those people in the disaster area. However to request that no one can specify what their donations are for is problematic. Often the society downplays a situation based on the number of witness affected. Donations for the worldwide work are used to further preaching so there is no requirement to divert these funds for relief, in fact it goes against the stated purpose for this money to be used in this way. The society would have to set up a separate fund and have the congregation vote on it to be able to use money for aid. There can be no expectation that any money will be sent to those in need.

    What will happen is a few will donate time and resources and then these individual efforts will be packaged up as a response from the society. It is sad that any religion can be so deceptive and inhumane.

  • flipper

    " Appreciated if such donations are made WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS as to WHERE and HOW the funds may be used. " No accountability whatsoever from WT Society financial wizards to let JW's know where their donated money goes to. Pretty nice use of thought control I'd say . As Gayle mentioned WT Society has a lot to pay for in upstate New York right now as well as knowledge of most probably more child abuse lawsuit cases coming down the turnpike in the future - so " Kingdom interests " translate into " WT Society " interests really in a very smooth fashion. And JW's are none the wiser. Not informed about it at all. Disgusting

  • OnTheWayOut

    Along with all my hopes that my JW wife is slowly coming out of the JW mindset comes the occasional reminder that she is very much still falling for their crap.

    So she was talking on the phone to her JW mother about the tsunami and a very recent multiple tornado disaster in our more local area. She tells her mother that the organization is doing all they can and to simply donate money to the worldwide work without restrictions to it's use, and that frees them up to do what is best.

    I kid you not. It's the same old line they fine-tuned back in the Hurricane Andrew days of 1992.

    Wake up! Money lines the corporate pockets to pay lawsuits and some funds are diverted to repairing Kingdom Halls and another tiny portion to home repairs, all with volunteers giving up way more income to do the work than "Mother" gives out.

    I get that WTS isn't going to ship your canned goods from Iowa to the Philippines. Money can help better. But the JW's in the Philippines will be encouraged to go to the relief agencies that do ship canned goods and the money that makes it there will rebuild the Kingdom Hall. If WTS was to really care, they would tell members to donate to those agencies.

    In places like Illinois and Indiana where tornados struck, coats and food and the like could get there. I lost my car to Hurricane Hugo back in 1990 in South Carolina and nice JW's donated another car. I lived off the canned goods donated by good JW's (and others) for months. Good people can make a difference when the organization stays out of their way.

  • Scott77

    No need for donations of food ????????

    LOL . Are the folks in the Phillipines on a diet ?


    The BG is factually incorrect on this. These people are not on diet. They are not fasting. The GB's level of insenstivity is appaling. Sigh


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