Nov 20, 2013 Letter to All Congregations (RE: Phillipines Disaster Relief)

by Gayle 39 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Gayle

    "However, it would be appreciated if such donations are made without restrictions as to where and how the funds may be used." Additionally, at this time, there is no need for donations of food, clothing, or other items. If such needs arise in the future, you will be notified accordingly."


    Disgusting how the GB want to control how members want to give from their heart for a cause. The GB clearly want the money without restrictions to how it should be spent by them. They state the money should be for the "worldwide work." (Afterall, the GB need a lot of money for their paradisaic NY upstate properties - forget about the Phillipines needing simple shelter right now. My goodness, the GB criticize the "brazen." How 'brazen' they themselves are!

  • wasblind

    No need for donations of food ????????

    LOL . Are the folks in the Phillipines on a diet ?

  • zeb

    ..therefore they dont need toilet needs or water apparently. Nor do they need pencils or colouring books for the kids either.

  • wasblind

    The donation of food and other items can help stretch the monetary donations

    What are these bone heads thinkin' ???????

  • smiddy

    "However, it would be appreciated if such donations are made without restrictions as to where and how the funds may be used."

    That statement should raise a red flag right away.


  • WTWizard

    And suppose people decide to not donate anything at all? Or, make their donations directly through an independent third party charity. And if someone knows someone personally in the disaster area, they could make direct donations to the party affected.

    As for me, they are getting nothing. The washtowel doesn't deserve anything that could be used to pay pedophile defense money or silence people about the religion on the pretext of helping those in a disaster. I would do better putting whatever money I would have donated instead into buying silver for myself. The witlesses who are scammed into this would have better spent money on other things. Remember Sandy? How many people still don't have enough lights to survive a 3-day blackout? Do you have ample batteries for that? Money that is sent to silence people would have been better spent on such supplies--one charger, or one pack of Sanyo Eneloop batteries, or even a pack of regular alkaline batteries is better than nothing and better than defending those scumbags.

  • Atlantis

    I agree! And Gayle hit the nail on the head! They want money for Real Estate projects and put up a "FRONT" that it is going for the Worldwide Ministry work. What a scam job! The GB have no real love at all for their members who have been through such a terrible experience. After living through something like that, food and water would be the first thing necessary for survival.

    Lets be honest, THEY WANT MONEY! Period! And that's not enough, they want JWs to give them the authority to use it any way the GB see fit!



  • jemba

    Filthy pharisaical scumbags. Maybe we need to send a copy of this letter to some newspapers along with the question... What do JWs do with money donated at times of disaster? Meanwhile most other religious groups have sent containers of lifesaving water, medication and everyday needs. Often people feel more secure sending things like this so it cant be misused like cash. Shame shame shame on those so called christians!!!

  • joe134cd

    Hehe I predicted this, and I knew they would be up to no good. Below is the proof. I'm guessing there will be no bros and sisters coming in to help rebuild houses because there isn't an insurance cheque. SCUM BAGS.

  • joe134cd

    That is just total bull shit that there is no need for food and clothing. Well if that was the case then why ask for donations (with no specifications on how or where they can be used) in the first place. What really gets me mad is that it's suckers like my family handing over their cash, thinking they are helping some needy orphan, when in fact that isn't the case at all. I would love to know just how much aid they are really supplying. Man they really [email protected] me off.

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