Im not sure how much longer i can take this

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  • Ding

    You said your wife is losing interest in organization things.

    Encourage her to talk about why and listen a lot more than you talk.


    Does your wife know about any of your doubts? I had days where I did nothing but lie in the fetal position in between naps and drinks. LOL!! Seriously.... I would get very upset at any WT talk. I quit the family worship joke, and we finally had some words. I remained silent until she brought it up. Then I let 'er rip!

    I didn't say anything crazy. I read the 1980's BOE letter to her about apostasy. Then I read from the Walsh Trial. There was some tension for a while. I told her that I was not trying to cause trouble, but that if the Elders pushed me, I would stand up for myself and speak the truth no matter what. At some point you have to tell her, if you haven't already. Hang in there, I know it's difficult. Every time you survive a breakdown you will come back stronger.


  • DS211

    Thanks evryone...i calmed down a bit and had some time while driving home to listen to some music and just free My mind a bit. Ny wife and i decided not to go to meeting tonight, and have just talked about hiw we wanna move and what to do for dinner and im so at peace when its not about the org and trying harder to be better. I love just being who we are, why the hell do i have to always work at it to be perfect . Ih wife started smoking again lol when we drink.

  • anonymouz

    Not advice, but you may just consider getting it all off your chest and fully confide everything you know with your wife. Of course you know the situation, not I, but it just may have a positive effect overall, if it's suppression is coming out in other ways.

    I guess you just have to assess what is the worst thing that can happen, and the best thing that can happen. I lived with some JWs, and eventually had to speak up, and got kicked out, but atleast they know the whole story now, and are not the tattle types, so it worked out for the best, as I no longer have to live in the situation which I did, in part, to try to get through to them. Last Memorial was my last "meeting", since I felt personally sharing in GB sins is not my style, and trying to defend those modern day papal deceivers and UN allies would no longer fly at the door, incidental, or on line.

    I believe Christ is my link to God (NOT an inserted cabal of actors in the JW org), the Bible is the "Word" in a written form, and sinners at Bethel in complete brazen lack of discernment was actually starting to harm my faith in God and Christ. Thus it has become apparent to me, the org is purposely trying to play Christ (2Thess2:3-4), and NEVER should an atmosphere of such distraction and opposition to truth have ever formed as it did under GB tenure.

    Very gradually JWs are now as much a false religion as any benefit from former truths are now overridden by modern lawless activities right from the top of Bethel itself. I would say pray, and like Jesus said, do not stop, but be at it repetively and God through Christ will give wisdom in your own personal matter.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
  • DS211

    Thanks again guys and thanks billy...ill read over it

  • rebel8

    God would not be bothered if you took a break. Think about it.

  • DS211

    Anonymouz--agreed. The point is ive been to plenty of churches who preach about Christ but dont tell you how to dress (or give you models to go by on how to dress), or give you 1 billion books to control your everyday life....yes they encourage you not to watch rated R movies or not to look up porn....but never have i received an interpretation of prophecy put forth as absolute truth not to be questioned, until i became a JW. I didnt learn that the NT was for only the 144k until 2 years after that!! They bait the fish, hook 'em, build friendships and show love for them....then teach them they arent getting the promises they thought they were.....or at the very least are not showing the whole picture for someone to make an informed choice. If i dont get INFORMED consent from a patient at work...and that patient sues me for something, i lose and possibly go to jail. Period.

    Rebel--id love o take a break. im in Gods rest already right? Lol maybe ill rest a whole creative day and call it. 1,000 years sounds good lol

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    Run away as fast as you can. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dolars.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi DS211, If your wife started to smoke again, does that mean she is a JW? It sounds like taking a break from WTBTS propaganda helps you to relax, so go out an have fun with your wife instead of going to meetings. Also, if you can afford to see a counselor, it might help you handle your feelings better.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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