Im not sure how much longer i can take this

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  • DS211

    Thanks Robert...well its interesting she knows that it is a disfellowshipping offense yet she doesnt see eye to eye with the org on how cigs defile you yet alcohol or overesting dont? My wife isnt addicted she can stop cold turkey with no side effects....but to me this shows she doesnt agree with all they say

  • KateWild


    This is a opportunity for you both, if she doesn't agree on one topic. You listen and commend her for critical thinking skills. Another time, it's your turn to tell her a different topic you don't agree on.

    Slowly does it DS. You are doing great. I am sure the both of you will be fine. Some of us have to be divorced to escape the CULT, mind control and abuse that comes with it, but many can leave with their marriages in tact.

    Keep up the good work my brother well done

    Kate xx

  • jgnat

    Awakening Witnesses often underestimate the comfort a social net provides. Of course, fail to follow the herd and they will summarily kick you out for the wolves. If you can take your immediate family with you, it is a lot less trauma for you both. And you have someone to travel with you on your new journey.

    If the foundational marriage is abusive or dead, the exiting Witness might be facing the loss of both the marriage and the community. Double loss.

    It pays for a newly awakened Witness to start building a new social network. This is good for a marriage, too, because the partner will start spending time with real people who are not nearly as messed-up as the WT would have them believe.

  • His Excellency
    His Excellency


  • DS211

    Well whats interesting is her sis is out and her dad but her mom and dad-in-law are still in...but they live in another family are all non-jw

  • jgnat

    It might be time for a visit to ol' dad.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think it easier to say you are depressed and distressed over the recent New Lite; that you don't/can't understand it; that it doesn't make sense logically; that it is contrary to everything they have said in the past/ WHY would God lie to us through His channel of communication?

    Add to that some issue she has locally or with the Org.

    Go easy. Make it HER issue.

  • DS211

    Good idea doc...

  • lisavegas420

    you mentioned smoking and now I have Nictoine Addiction and Lung Cancer ads on my page.

    Don't you just hate that you can't just quit like a Gym membership that no longer suits your current needs. Someone at the gym might call and ask if you are alright. But they wouldn't shun you if they saw you later out in public wearing a different Gym tshirt. The hardest part is stopping the auto-withdrawals for the old Gym membership from your checking account.

  • leavingwt

    There is no urgency.

    There is no Armageddon.

    There is no God watching you, examining your path.


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