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  • seedy3

    The devil as we know him from the bible, has not always been involved in religon all through history. There have been many gods at times that were troublesome but not as the devil is to a judeo/christian/muslim, the devil from the bible is actually a beleif taken from the Zoroastrian beleif and the jews sucked that one right up and made it part of their beleifs. Most of the pagan beleifs do not have a satanic type of god involved in their beleifs to blame when something does not go right. Some do have gods that are not always very nice, but not satanic. Eventhe Satanists do not have a god that is satanic. It's just a crutch for someone to use, I prefer to blame myself if something goes wrong,not some mythological god/fallen angel.


  • seedy3

    OH I forgot, the apostate thing, I wanted to make a clear point. Violet has said she is on her way to becoming a full fleged memeber of the B-org, and according to the meaning of apostacy, that makes her one our fellow apostates. So welcome to the club Violet, you ol' postate you.


  • expatbrit

    By a curious co-incidence, the Watchtower put up a series of articles on their website on just this question, which cover all the illogical and specious reasonings Violet has used.


  • simwitness

    Definition of an apostate?

    Just compare the teachings of the WTBS over the years...

    Rutherford was the first, he rejected all he was taught by Russell (Who cares if it dealt with Pyramids!)

    Then comes Knorr/Franz who reject most of what Rutherford "taught", and they needed the help of "spiritists" to prove stuff...

    Now, the latest folks have gone and rejected 90 years (or so) of what the freakin' word "Generation" means....

    SO, who is an apostate? those that question, or those that follow men instead of God?

  • tdogg

    Hey Farkel I think we need to call the invisible police.

  • VioletAnai


    You said:

    Manslayer? Name ONE single person Satan personally killed. Just one. Any old one will do. Now, how many people can you name that Jehovah killed? I know it's a tough question because Jehovah kills entire civilizations and planets, and it is hard to keep track of all his murdering.

    How does Satan "bully" the big nations into submission? Oh, I know! He does it "invisibly!"
    Have you personally witnessed Jehovah coming down to earth and killing people. ...or is it done "invisibly"?

    A point a very smart and good friend of mine made:

    There's has been more then enough time for people to chose to live by Jehovah's standards. He's not saying we have to be perfect but he does want us to live right. No matter how much mankind cries over it Jehovah allowed his son to create this planet and he has the right to say how we will live on it and who will live and that's the bottom line. They don't want no part of him he say's good riddance to them. My words may seem heartless, but I once believed apostates were misguided people who needed a break until I saw for myself how they attacked Jehovah himself. They really do believe if they keep complaining they will stop his judgments against themselves. They are forgetting they cannot change prophecy only fulfill it.

    Amen Sister!!!!!!

    Why is it that when I first came to this board, (I ackowledged to everyone that I was studying, and I was questioning too, that's why I came here) everyone was nice and friendly and hilariously funny....then as the months past and my faith was strenghtened from seeing all the Jehovah and 'troll' bashing, the hate and the seemingly friendly attitudes until you say something positive, no matter how trivial, about the witnesses. My first post was a joke re cellulite and how it was a plus of being in paradise (or so I thought, man I hate cellulite) and pow, whock, bokko, I'm hit from all sides about how the perfect person would be hebrew, speak one language, all look like clones blah, blah, blah when we know that Jehovah created diversity in everything...I used an apple as an example once....

    So to be attacked for such a trivial post has made me see that you are fulfilling prophecy and no amount of bitching, self-assurance and reasoning in yer mind is gunna change the divine plan.

    Ah, that feels better.....

  • outcast

    I have to admit, when I saw violentanus had posted again, I avoided this post like the plague ( hey violent!, plague, it's biblical!)

    You were so right on parroting the society on their old summer re-runs talks, I felt myself being drawn toward the light, once again.
    Then I remembered to shut the computer off..and the light went away!
    God has answered my prayers!
    I can turn the light off and on..and off, and on, and off, and on..

    Hey, if all the Apostates could do that in would be a miracle!

    Violent, shouldn't you be studying for the book study or something???
    Stay away from the demunized internet.

    Now go confess.

    And your dunking will be put off until the next Assembly of the United Brotherhood of " I want to live forever, and I will be mean and and unloving 'till I get it, I never got good sex and you ain't gonna either but I get to listen to other peoples torrid sex lives" Jehovah's Witlesses men in black.

    And oh, by the way, they are the only organization that uses Gods name, so they have to be right.

    Go away Violent, have a good brain dead life......see you in paradise, or whatever the drug of the day produces.

  • gsx1138

    One thing you can rely on a JW for is sweeping generalizations about everyone else but them. Listen to Seedy, not all religions have a version of Satan in them. This is fairly unique to judahism, christianity, and islam. While other religions had their evil and trickster gods they were never the embodyment of pure evil. I just think Satan is a people person. Adam and Eve never had the same knowledge as god of good and evil so basically they were gods robots. Which perfectly portrays a JW only difference is they are the WTS robots.

    Dear Lord, please save me from your followers.

  • COMF

    How ya coming on quitting those addictions, V?

    Come, fill the cup, and in the fire of spring
    Your winter-garment of repentance fling:
    The bird of Time has but a little way
    To flutter--and the bird is on the wing.

  • simwitness


    I understand your frustration, and you have every right to feel it. Having never posted to you before, and I have only "skimmed" most of the posts that were directed to you, I can say only this:

    The fact that the members of this board converse with you even after you "decide" to pursue the WTBS is evidence of their caring for you. THey may be overzealous at times (aren't we all?) but it shows that they want you to make an informed decision.

    Now, contrast that with what will happen if you _ever_ question the WTBS.

    Whatever decision you make, just make sure you make it for the right reasons.

    It is obvious that you desire to serve God "the right way", and you feel that "Jehovah's Organization" is that "way". I do not share that view.

    You have to decide this for yourself. Asking people here to support you in joining the WTBS is asking for some of the responses you have gotten, they are honest responses from people who have LEFT the WTBS for various reasons.

    Follow your heart, ask for guidance, and study ALL available information, not just what the WTBS publishes.

    Riddle me this:

    What was Jesus warning to the follower's at Luke 21:8?

    How does that apply to the WTBS? (or _does_ it?)

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