Yesterday's public talk.

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  • DakotaRed

    How can I not believe in Satan when I was married to his sister?

    Seriously, if Satan is a real being, as I think he is, we cannot blame all our ills on him. Most of our downfall we do ourselves. Personally, I find him real and think he has misguided many a religion, including the JWs. Funny thing is, Rutherford agreed with an early opening remark in his famous "Religion is a Snare and a Racket" speech.

    Religion at it's origin was Satan who implored religion to approach Almighty God. Religion was first organized with Nimrod as it's leader and he was the one they were taught to worship.
    I always found it odd that he ignored his own religion also being a snare and racket. But, I guess Satan worked ovetime with him.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • Farkel


    : Is there really a devil?

    : History of religion has always believed in the devil, but has portrayed him in different lights....he himself transforms into an angel of light, making something that is evil seem innocent and fun.

    : His best ploy: having people believe he don't exist...this is to his own advantage.

    That's the same trick those wicked invisible flying purple unicorns use, too! Why, most people don't even believe in them, either.

    : He is a malignant enemy of God and Man! Whatever Jehovah wills, he opposes - including prophecy and Jesus.

    Wow! What a coincidence. Those wicked invisible flying purple unicorns oppose everything Jehovah wills, too! It must be an invisible conspiracy with invisible beings invisibly opposing invisible willings of God. This should be reported to the proper authorities, Violet. Stat!

    : John 8:44 - Manslayer when he began, didn't stand fast in the truth. - We are reminded that Satan used to be in the truth, one of Jehovah's servants...until he became an opposition to Jehovah's will.

    Manslayer? Name ONE single person Satan personally killed. Just one. Any old one will do. Now, how many people can you name that Jehovah killed? I know it's a tough question because Jehovah kills entire civilizations and planets, and it is hard to keep track of all his murdering.

    : An apostate himself transforms into an 'angel of light'

    That's an assertion. Assertions require evidence. If you are asserting that apostates are like the "father of the lie" then just list all the lies we've told. We're waiting and the whole world it watching and waiting for your response, Violet.

    : - "there for you until you challenge my arguments and I dump you like a hot turd."

    Yeah, you tend to "dump" challenges by running from them. We can all see that.

    : - evening (sic) affecting people in the congregation - they are a shining example of how Satan transforms himself.

    Yeah, your Brooklyn Masters love to make accusations without offering a shred of evidence, don't they? It's a pretty grave accusation to accuse people of being a transformation of Satan. Grave accusations deserve solid evidence, but your beloved Watchtower Corporation doesn't have any. They just expect dumb dubs to believe all the crap they hurl from the platform without questioning it.

    : Satan has misapplied scripture to his own advantage

    All Satan ever did was tell the truth to Eve in Garden of Eden, make a two-bit bet with God and fuck up Job and his family as part of the bet, make a few people go crazy (invisibly, of course) who were crazy in the first place, and bribe Jesus. Big deal. God killed the entire planet in Noah's day. Compared with Bible-God, Satan is the good guy.

    : - challenging and tempting Jesus, for which he got a quick rebuttal! Jesus could have made a difference if he had taken the kingdoms and could have indeed fixed many of mankinds problems, but he knew that that would be a temporary solution and it was not what Jehovah has willed.

    Of course this temptation was also invisible, since the only one who witnessed it was the guy who said he was tempted, and even he didn't write it down. The guy that wrote it down heard it from him. Allegedly.

    : Satan is also like a Mafia boss - with his organisation of underlings - stationed all over the earth to complete his demented commands. That organisation works in such a way - just like the mafia - that the 'boss' cannot have anything pinned on him because he delegates it to his henchmen and therefore society cannot convict and do not belief the mafia boss has had his hand in so many pies - Satan is brilliant at this tactic and no one is willing to blame all of mankinds sorrows on him because he directly hasn't had a hand in it.

    Just like the Tower to think that every thing is about "Organizations."

    : He bullies the big nations into submission and any stragglers are attacked....any who would defy his purposes and make a stand. - right now the U.S.A is doing a brilliant job of leading and it is a sess pool of degeneration.

    How does Satan "bully" the big nations into submission? Oh, I know! He does it "invisibly!"

    : Satan has had 6000 years to work us out and he didn't waste any time. He knows us inside and out and he knows exactly how to manipulate ALL of us...whether we be witnesses, part of other religions, non believers or apostates. He's tried and tested many methods and has the most effective utilised extensively.

    Right, and Bible-God again has the perfect solution: he's going to kill nearly the entire planet! Want an end to human suffering? Kill 6 BILLION people. Want an end to disease and poverty? Kill 6 BILLION people. Want an end to corruption and bad governments? Kill 6 BILLION people.

    : I thought of you guys as I was reading it and I felt and great sense of sorrow:

    : Isaiah 65:14 - Look! My own servants will cry out joyfully because of the good condition of the heart, but you yourselves will make outcries because of the pain of heart and you will howl because of sheer breakdown of spirit.

    Cry away, Violet. Of course, applying that scripture as you obviously have, makes you a judgemental twit, and any "sorrow" you have is overshadowed by your own self-righteousness.

    : I truly hope you guys think about that scripture. I did. I was where you were a few years ago and I've re-examined myself and the world around me and have come to the conclusion that I have....

    You don't know shit, and what's worse, you don't know that you don't know shit.

    Enjoy your Cult. You are a perfect candidate.


  • betweenworlds
    Renounce Satan! Become Wiccan ;) I think it's pretty convenient to have someone to blame all your problems on. Even the ancient Egyptians didn't believe that Set was to blame for the misfortune in their life. It is your belief in Satan that gives him form and power. I find it scary that so many people would spend their time preoccupied with absolute evil.

    Amen gsx!!!! Doesn't it feel wonderful to just LIVE! Blessed be.


    Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity. Lord Acton 1834-1902

  • DanTheMan

    The WT ascribes more power to Satan than they do God.

    The endless talk of Satan and Armageddon are fear tactics used to keep the r&f in line.

    Jehovahs Witnesses is a fear based religion that does not enlighten or inspire people. It only leads to the sort of corrupted, legalistic mindset that the Pharisees of Jesus day were so enmeshed in. It is truly sad.

  • VioletAnai

    Thank you Farkel...I'm am enjoying my 'cult'! And will hopefully do so for the rest of my makes me happy, it makes countless others happy....

    I see nothing wrong with wanting to live with yer family in paradise on earth in full health without sickness and death and with a God who's dominant quality is luv....

    Oh ain't I just the sickest???? You would all believe it's due to the state of my mind...well I'm telling you now, it ain't, it's the state of my heart that's helped me to wake up and see that where I was heading was down the wrong track.

  • Cygnus

    EL OH EL. I can see Violet taking scrupulous notes during the talk, and the visiting speaker thinking, "That chick must be DF'd and trying to impress the body."

  • Farkel


    : You would all believe it's due to the state of my mind...well I'm telling you now, it ain't, it's the state of my heart that's helped me to wake up and see that where I was heading was down the wrong track.

    As long as you'll continue to freely admit that your decision was emotional and not rational, I'll have no problem. In fact, I have no problem, anyway.

    I don't anticipate getting to take over homes in Beverly Hills (after I clean up the gore of massacred families from my new residence) for saying what I say. Only dubs get to do that. I don't have to sell magazines, either. Only dubs get to do that. I don't make religious printing Corporations rich from devoting my life to their ever-changing nonsense. Only dubs get to do that. I don't judge people's "heart condition" and determine whether they qualify for salvation or not. Only dubs get to do that. But mostly, dubs get to live in a world of invisible enemies, invisible battles, invisible Savior "presences," invisible "signs" of the end and empty and unfulfilled promises.

    If that's what you like, then go for it. Let us know how it's going in thirty, forty and fifty years from now, ok?


  • VioletAnai

    Farkel do you think I'm doing this for selfish reasons...for a mansion by the lake with a nice yacht...well I tell you know I hate it'd be no use to me. I also hate cleaning, so a house that big would piss me off.

    No I do it, not for a reward but because Jehovah wills it, as stated in any bible and I'm willing to comply with his standards because I know he is the rightful ruler of us all.

    I hope I neva do anything out of selfish reasons....that's a point I neva want to reach!

  • BeautifulGarbage


    If you want to be a JW, go ahead. I wish you well.

    "see nothing wrong with wanting to live with yer family in paradise on earth in full health without sickness and death"

    True Story. When I was a little kid, around 6 or 7, I remember my Grandmother telling me that her favorite age was 25. She expressed her hope that in The New Order that Jehovah would be so kind as to bring back her 25 year old self. Looking at my Grandmother, who was in her late 60's, I struggled to ponder the image of her at 25. My Gramma, her softness in the right places which produced many a comforting hug to me. Her long grey hair pulled up in a tight bun. I paused for a moment and posed the question: "But Gramma, how will I recognize you"?

    Her answer: "Oh, Jehovah will make sure you will". And at the time, it satisfied me. The vision of my Grandmother being a some young hot babe quicky evaporated from my naive young mind. What a relief! *shudder* Who wants to think about their Grandmother, that way.

    When I think about it now, it makes me chuckle.

    "and with a God who's dominant quality is luv...."

    Well, then, God is going to have one major personality overhaul after Armageddon.


  • TD


    Help me out here...

    How do we identify an "apostate" when we see one? Would misrepresenting what the Bible says and openly lying about qualify as apostasy?


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