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  • doinmypart

    The Nov 2013 KM contains an article that is ridiculous in its level of minutae.

    They focus on the word "because". They tell JWs to use the word "because" when explaining why they're at the homeowner's door. Seriously?!? Writing Department, you wrote an article on the use of the word "BECAUSE"? C'mon now, don't you have more important things to write about? How an article on how sisters should place their Bibles inside their bookbag, so they won't tear them up so quickly.

    Damn, now every JW will try to remember to say "because" as they fluster and blunder through a presentation. Even after a couple of decades they still don't know how to tie in the "voluntary donation arrangement" verbiage.

    Kingdom ministry article

  • blondie

    My goodness, jws dance around identifying themselves as jws...look at all the suggested presentations, the WTS never uses the word "Jehovah."

    "I'm in a bible study work."

  • Ding

    "I am here because if I didn't come, I'd be in danger of being wiped out at Armageddon."

  • LostGeneration

    The dumbing down continues.

    I can see the GB having their meetings and discussing bullshit like this:

    Lett- Well, these ding dong JWs just don't seem to get anyone to study any more, I mean, what exactly is the problem?

    Herd - I know, I know, they aren't explaining why the hell they are there. People just don't understand why we go from door to door.

    Lett - Yeah, your right my brother! What can we do to fix this incredibly complex problem.

    Herd - I'll have one of the boys in writing fix this. All we need to do is say "because" when we are at the door. I'll bet bible studies and baptisms TRIPLE next year once we say the magic word. Damn, we shoulda thought of this earlier.

  • AlphaMan

    "I am here because if I didn't come, I'd be in danger of being wiped out at Armageddon."

    LOL......or, I'm here BECAUSE, if I don't come to your door this guy called the Comgregation Hounder will be giving me a phone call at the end of the month, if I don't turn in a time slip indicating the hours I counted coming to your door.

  • TTATTelder

    The WTBTS study things like NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programing and all the things they tell the dubs to avoid like the plague.

    The word "because" is supposed to be a NLP trigger word. It is supposed to have a manipulative effect influencing people especially when the word is emphasized in the dialougue. It puts people at ease and is more likely to ellicit permission from the householder to give a presentation because it answers the question WHY? - as in Why are you here?

    NLP is kin to hypnosis. I thought that stuff was linked to spiritism and the Devil?

  • KateWild

    Nice Alphaman lol. Kate xx

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I am here because I have to turn in one of these each month... otherwise I will get labelled "IRREGULAR"

  • eyeuse2badub

    Prune juice may help if you don't want to be irregular!


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Yeah. That "I'm here because..." line sounds like it's designed to brainwash the dubs rather than to convince a householder of anything.

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