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  • doinmypart


    I get what you're trying to do. You pretend to be a staunch and active JW. People read your posts and think, "Wow, those Witnesses are a strange bunch. I don't want anything to do with them."

    But just in case you are in fact a true believer. Surely you can see how ridiculous it is to have a 10 minute discussion (which means audience participation) on using the word "because". Sample presentations are one thing, but to emphasize the use of a single word is asinine. For all the years I was a JW, I knew why I was at someone's door and I didn't need a suggestion on how to put their mind at ease. How long have you been in the truth? Years? After years of reading the Bible's message of good news don't you know how to put someone's mind at ease?

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think the great emphasis that the JW organization places on training JWs to be effective in the ministry as exemplified by this meeting part; and the minutiae of details regarding field service presentations etc, provides strong proof that JWs are not empowered to preach by holy spirit as mentioned by Jesus at Acts 1:8. In reality, they are empowered to preach based on human organizational efforts.

    Also, they are motivated by institutionalized peer pressure. The desire to be seen as being in good standing; the desire to not be put down as irregular; the desire to not have the elders come asking them about their poor field service performance; the desire not to be judged as spiritually weak by other JWs and the organization - these are the real forces (or should I say fears) motivating JWs to go out and preach, not holy spirit, not love for neighbor (at least not in most cases).

  • TTATTelder

    Agreed Island Man

    Holy Spirit shouldn't need sales training.

  • clarity

    Using the word because ...is a way to stall & avoid.

    Don't you remember when you were a little kid & your mom

    asked why you were ...spitting, picking your nose, hitting your sister,




  • Scott77

    May be the Watchtower does not want JWs to identify themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses.


  • titch

    "I am here because I'm trying to earn a few more 'brownie points' with God."


  • frankiespeakin

    The reason they spent so much money printing these worthless articles is because they are running out of stuff to write, mainly because their interpetation of the bible is utterly worthless, boring, and totally wrong. So next best thing is write some bull shit about the word 'because' to keep the presses rolling.

    After all it is hard thinking up stuff to write when none of your predictions ever come true and you have to use all kinds of distortions to stretch out this generation not passing away until Kingdom Come.

  • joyfulfader

    SFPW-not once did I ever use a suggested presentation as I was and always have been much more intellectually advanced than the outline provided. With the biblical training that the Society brags about, shouldn't the average publisher be quite beyond the simplistic nature of the KM presentations? While I feel as though these suggestions could be important to have as an option for the timid and the young to feel a sense of accomplishment in a nearly impossible field, if i believed they served any purpose other than to piss people off, those presentations were not ever meant for those who had the powers of persuasion which I, unfortunately did. I pioneered for over 7 years and still feel the need to apologize to every single person i spoke to. I was and am very attractive, smart and persuasive. I wish I had started earlier on something worthwhile. I regret every single moment of those 38 years. It was never about God. All about numbers.

  • joyfulfader

    Though, as a side point. I learned to be a master debater regardless of the topic because of my exposure to the sink or swim method. I am thankful for that and that alone. The seriously biased knowledge was fully entrenched in my psyche and I could always turn it arounD when i was in. The suggested presentations are for the as I said before, the timid or the young, or the lazy. A true devotion to the org would make such nit picky words such as because unnecessary. The persuasive nature of the knowledge the org brags about should be quite enough to serve the purpose.

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