Is JWN an unforgiving place

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  • rebel8

    I did not appreciate someone disagreeing with me by claiming I made them want to vomit. Disagree with my ideas, not me. Also, vomiting is a medical concern. Rather than posting that you want to vomit, I suggest standing over the toilet seat. As soon as possible, one should consult a medical doctor. Hydration is also important.

    Sometimes you're really hilarious!

  • Etude

    I have seen enough name-calling and attempts to belittle individuals for their views here to agree that sometimes it can be hostile on this forum. But that doesn't make the forum a complete place of hostility. A lot of caring also goes on in here, a lot of sympathizing, a lot of understanding and even friendships. I'm willing to put up with disagreement. But, I must admit that when people resort to insults, I give it right back. If they can dish it out, they should be able to take it. What I do afterwards is think about those negative people and try to picture them in their daily life and think about what type of individuals they are. That makes them more human and makes me think that they may not be so negative just because they say negative things. Others can be complete assholes and attack people instead of ideas. That's just how some people are. Still, I have seen many apologize for something they said that was insensitive. I'm not sure I would use one description to categorize this place. I would say it's all of the above and anything else you find it means to you.

  • Terry

    JWN is not really a "place."

    JWN is a means of exposing your ideas to others with a similar background and experience vis-a-vis Jehovah's Witnesses.

    As such, you encounter opinions which widely vary (as opposed to the lock-step and knee-jerk non-opinions of active JW's).

    Encountering POV's which challenge us can either sharpen our thinking skills or dishearten us completely depending on our

    emotional stability and personal needs.

    An actual flesh and blood community is much better for that sort of thing.

    Anonymity (such as you find on the Internet) is inhuman in many ways and leads to a coldness which can be off-putting.

    Stick with real people for your emotional needs who can look you in the eye and give you a hug.

    Cyber-persons can easily blow their nose on you and toss you off like a Kleenex.

    Stiff upper lip and all that. . .

    simply stay mindful of what is really happening. Everybody has an opinion and few people have the people skills to offer those opinions

    without exposing their human frailty and character flaws.

  • Vidiot

    usualusername - "Is JWN an unforgiving place?"

    Only towards the WTS.

  • confuzzled777

    I take what I need from this forum and that is much needed support from being disfellowshipped nearly 4 years ago. I give support when I can, but do not get involved in any of the religious debates as I am not sure of my own religious/non religious views. I am grateful for this forum...

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