Is JWN an unforgiving place

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  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Really? Mean spirited now? Ha! It's actually toned down A LOT! Newer posters have brought a sort of mellowing......

    When I first started it was shoot out at the ok corral.......

    My first post wanna see mean spirited! You have no idea.....

    I soooooooooooo appreciate JWN with all it's faults and beauty....just like real life....

    It seems as though some of you need more of a support group then a forum. There may actually be a section like that here....

  • Wozwozza

    Been on here for years with different ID's [Forgotten passwords] I am thankfull for a place that gave me an avenue of info that opened my eyes to the doubts I had developed about the org.

    Along that road I was insulted by some including one person who was a moderator but I got over it ,maybe I was wrong

    But it it can't be an unforgiving place because its composed of people some good some bad - reject the bozos and you are left with the good , in my opinion an unforgiving place does'nt help you find freedom and peace of mind

  • Hortensia

    I must not be reading the same threads the rest of you are reading. I can't think of any mean-spirited stuff, or at least not much. Do you want everyone kissing everyone else's ass, lots of pretend good will and no argument?

    I suppose you'll call that mean-spirited. I prefer the rough-and-tumble of the discussions here to false harmony. I like to be challenged, I learn a lot and I'm not so married to my own opinion that I feel threatened when people disagree with me.

  • watson

    I think it's a lot like a mosh pit. A mosh pit can seem violent, and some times you can come out with a wound or two. Most of the time though, it's a great place where if you want to throw youself into it for a bit, it can be very stimulating. A lot of times you get roughed up, but if you take a spill some of the other moshers will even lift you back up so you can take another run at it. If it gets to be too much, you can fade out of the pit and watch from the sidelines.

  • snare&racket

    Depends on the topic and mood of the poster.... I all I think we are all lovely x

  • LisaRose

    It is pretty much the same as any other discussion board, or even any group of people really. The only thing we all share is our former association as Jehovah's Witnesses (with a few exceptions, you know who you are). Why would anyone think we could or should all think alike? I left the dubs to get away from all that. If we all agreed on everything it would be pretty boring. A few posters can be snarky, and everyone makes mistakes. It is what it is.

    If someone is that sensitive, they should stick to the thread that don't tend to develop into heated debate, or go to another JW board, there are many. I like this one because you get more frequent updates on the Watchword world, and more interesting discussions and people.

  • steve2

    As the OP conceded, "this is a site of contradictions" - that seems as good an overview of what a healthy life is like as any I've seen recently! Wonderful! Therein is the answer to your question. If this site is "unforgiving" then it is still way more tolerant than other sites out there that routinely blast someone off their sites who dares express a "non" official viewpoint. And some sites - eg., - hint hint - have no room for the expression of views, other than officially sanctioned ones.

    Sure, because JWN gives greater scope for people expressing their views - admittedly within the confines of fairly standard rules for posting - those who have been conditioned to equate "caring" with "uniformity of view" can find the going tough. What a marvellous opportunity for all of us to develop a greater tolerance for differences of opinion and yes even robust exchanges.

  • rebel8

    This is a gigantic forum.

    There are many posters who are forgiving, to the point of excusing criminal behavior that has nothing to do with ex-jw baggage.

    There was a guy who nearly beat his girlfriend to death, then posted more inappropriate things on here (like middle school girls who wear sweat pants with words on their butts are 'asking for it'), and he got forgiveness.

    Or the people [yes that's plural] who have manipulated one of our favorite matrons into giving them $--again, forgiveness.

    There are many posters who are unforgiving, to the point of pettiness and mean-spiritedness. One example I have in mind was a very active poster who had several illnesses, including at least 1 mental illness, which he was open about. After chatting with him every day for years, posters here did not even try to act like human beings towards him. He did something bad after being harassed by dubs, and instead of asking if he needed mental help, they ganged up on him horribly.

    What good does it do to have 3000 posters tell you separately, and publicly, that you made a mistake? How about see if he needs help...isn't that what true friends do?

    I stopped posting on here for a while because of that. I was [am] really disgusted. Here we are, claiming to be kindred spirits who were bullied by dubs...and we behaved like that.

  • free2beme

    Often, angry people who are coming to terms with their past and faking happiness as they can not let go of the religion and keep posting shit about it over and over. Thinking, "When is it going to break up" with some false hope that it will and feel justified. While in many ways they will still use the site to learn what is happening in the religion, without having to go to a Kingdom Hall. Oh and a fucking shit load of athiest!!! LOL

  • Violia

    Mind blown, I'm sorry , glad you are still here.

    If you go back from 2000-2003 you will find so whopper disagreements ( to put it mildly)

    " While in many ways they will still use the site to learn what is happening in the religion, without having to go to a Kingdom Hall. "
    That is a very interesting point. Never thought of it like that.

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