Is JWN an unforgiving place

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  • cantleave

    /\ /\ /\ Great post BOTR

  • KateWild

    It depends how you interact with all the posters. I thought it was lovely that emeth said goodbye to everyone on a thread, then sent me a PM to say goodbye as well.

    Emeth challenged a lot of what I said, but wanted to interact. That's one example of an exchange. There have been so many nice posters I have made friends with in my view.

    Thanks guys love Kate xx

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    .What this place is depends on the poster....most posters are genuine...some stay.......some go....we all leave eventually.... this place remains...and is needed as long as places like the W.T have a place in society....

  • bohm

    i second that, well put botr.

  • tec

    It pains me to read the believers, a small tiny fraction of believers, demanding that we bend to their will. We are evil unless we bow down and worship a voice hearer.

    I have never seen such a thing on this forum from anyone.

    This makes no sense to me. Live and let live.


    Quite a few personal attacks in that post though. I am pretty sure that I read you somewhere saying that people who disagree with you should attack your ideas... not you. Maybe you should take your own advice?

    To the topic at hand,

    I agree with everyone on this thread who has said that it is not the site, but the posters who can be forgiving (and there are some) or unforgiving (and there are also some). Though I am not entirely sure what it means to be an unforgiving place? It can be, I suppose, in the following sense: once an outspoken group turns on someone... regardless of whether that poster is an atheist or theist... it can be like fighting a tidal wave to turn 'public sentiment' back, even if that public sentiment is incorrect and based on false assumptions. Sometimes people just pile on, and then others listen to them instead of finding out what is true for themselves. But that can be how the world outside of an online forum works too. Regardless of where a person is, it takes a lot of work for an individual NOT to succumb to 'public sentiment'; but to ignore others opinions, even popular opinion, and decide for themselves.

    Peace to you!


  • cofty

    Tammy, say hi to your latest disciple Villagegirl for me. Thanks.

  • tec

    That doesn't even make sense, Cofty.



  • Honesty

    At least you can tell the board to F*&% off, leave and then come back in a few months and most will not shun you for 6 months to a year.

    And... you can agree or disagree with folks here without having to worry about getting hauled before some dumbass window washers and janitors who will decide if you are worthy of eternal life or not.

  • steve2

    Tolerance and respect are so welcome whether its in a website or email or the shopping mall. Who hasn't written something in such a way that they needed to come back and say (or think) "Oops, I should be a bit more careful".

    There is no "one" adequate view that accurately sums up what happens there - although it is a residue of being in a closed-minded group that black and white thinking sometimes takes over. We're all learning.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    I do remember BOTR! That's when you were posting false statements about Rick Simons and the Conti case. I remember you even called him a money grubber.

    I also recall you recieved both a private and public apology from me. Though you were absoulutely incorrect about your estimation of the Conti case as well as Simons, it wasn't nessasary for me to make that statemnt. However, it seems you have not accepted my first be it.......

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