Atheists, what is the best argument FOR God?

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  • DS211

    Hahaha bohm i like that. Actually i hate to tellyou i stole that prove it question from Sir Matthew Maconaghy (sp?) watching the movie contact and he just asked Jodie Foster that hahahahaha. Sorry lol

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    That's a pure strawman argument DS211 and a poor one at that. You are confusing feelings for something with the actual existence of something.

  • DS211

    Comatose uoure right thats a poor argument. Cofty youre right...but as i am still cognitively separating truth from my feelings (i.e my perceltion of reality) barriers must be taken down. Would you agree?

  • cofty

    I do agree. It is one thing to be intellectually persuaded about the facts, but it often takes some time for our feelings to catch up.

    There is no hurry. Keep asking these good questions.

  • bohm

    DS: haha, I knew I had heard that line before somewhere but could not place it.

    I love the movie, but i *really really* hate the religious part. Not because of my religious beliefs, it just does not make sence! (like the mom-question. who would ask a person that?!). Even worse. Another thing that does not make sence. Why was she being interrogated at the end? she was just an astronaut! WTF?!

    And why did nobody notice the tape had recorded 15 minutes? why did nobody fit the darn thing with all sorts of instruments to measure her (temporal) biodata like pulse, etc. (standard since the flippin' apollo missions), radiation, magnetic and electric field, acceleration, etc. etc.?

    oh the pain. and it started so good :-(.

  • DS211

    I know...i blame james woods...he hides everything the cheeky slag.

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