Atheists, what is the best argument FOR God?

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  • Etude

    If it wasn’t because I’m on my cocktail hour, I would come up with some serious reasons. For now, I’ll just say that I suppose the best argument for God depends on who’s entertaining the question. For a theist, it’s very easy. He just IS, period, end of sentence. Now, to prove it, that’s a different question. For some, no proof is needed. For others, there is this “intuitive” thing that tells them the universe can only exist if He exists and that it (the universe) by its design is testimony of that. There are ways to argue against that, but I have found the fruitless with some people. It doesn’t matter what logic you use, it won’t change their minds.

  • suavojr

    Oh unstop! You are funny... you are using that video as proof???? Why don't you also watch the counter argument?

  • cofty

    Unstop - The video you recommend is a Ray Comfort offering. I have watched it before. It is one of the most dishonest videos on YouTube.

    If you want I can post it on a new thread for you and then explain to you why every single word he says on the video is total BS.

    It could only impress somebody who has zero knowledge about science.

    Shall I post it for you?

    ETA - Jaclyn Glenn does it very well so let's leave it to her.

  • unstopableravens

    i watch both actually, she attacks ray more than his points and she doesnt really address anything,

  • cofty

    Ok unstop - start a thread please and let us explain to you why his arguments are wrong. EVERY SINGLE WORD he says is 100% nonsense.

  • unstopableravens
  • snare&racket

    For me, by far the most evocative thing I have ever come across is simply.....

    WANTING A GOD TO EXIST, and therefore all the other comforts we have sold ourselves along with that premise, despite them not being in the bible. The best examples being never truly dying, despite us not existing before our day of birth we cant cope with the concept of the universe continuing without us. The prospect of seeing loved ones again, something I pine for as much as any other. Wanting justice for good deeds and for bad deeds done to us.

    By far the most powerful argument for s god.... is wanting one, or the comforts one woule bring.

    The irony is, the fatherly man in the sky with big heavenly hugs simoly isnt even in the bible, he is as much an invention as the cuddly and just Santa Claus, but most people are willing to mature away from that melancholic acceptsnce around age 8.....

    snare x

    p.s. People often say 'fine tuning' but it seems obvious to me that this is perspective, a believer wants to ignore all the imperfections of the universe and earth and say it has been made for just for us, despite it being so inhospitable. The evidence suggests otherwise and simply that the conditions allow for the kind of life forms that we currently see. Different laws of physics, different arrangements and there is not just the option of no life, but of different life.

  • Comatose

    oh gawd. that video was gag worthy, the chicks rebuttal is nice.

  • snare&racket

    Unstop, why dont you educate yourself, so that you can decide for yourself whether Ray Comfort is being honest or being deceitful.

    if you are not up to that kind of dedication, maybe watch all of his videos...... See if you notice how he has asked the same questions about evolution for years and despite the experts explaining the answer to him numerous times, he simply moves on to another question then in his next video asks it again... Watch a few, see if you spot this deceitful little trick. Ask yourself what his motive is and why is he asking ANY questions, to simply ignore the answers?

    Probably the most useful video to watch is him calling the tv show called 'the atheist experience' where he uses his same old questions and they answer them for him. By the way, if you buy a biology book tommorow for primary school aged children and read the chapters on evolution, next time you hear Ray and his questions you will realise how little he understands... Like his tv show apperance question 'how can the first evolved dog mate with any other dogs if they are the first dog?'

    ps: if you think his dog question seems legitimate, firstly thank the Watchtower for a wonderful 'education' then go check those biology books out of the library xxx that question once seemed fair to me also..... We were lied to! X

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The best argument FOR God? Mr. Diety, of course! He'll answer every Bible question you've ever... or never... had.

    Second best argument FOR God? Mrs. Betty Bowers, of course! She explains the "mental" in "fundamentalist."

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