Atheists, what is the best argument FOR God?

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  • Giordano

    The best argument is the simplest, God was created or came about because of the Big Bang, this massive occurrence which gave us stars and planets and the building blocks of life came about because of various factors that I don't need to go into. God or the entity that we call god was formed from the black energy and black matter..........the bang was not only responsible for the ingredients that would eventually permit various kinds of life to form but also allowed a very powerful entity to become self aware and eventually mobile and intelligent.

    Like the evolution of mankind....simply stated...... god evolved. By the time the earth began to have life god like early man came to a self awareness and also experienced it's aloneness so at this time he decided to play with the available DNA which existed at that point and grow a companion. He passed up making the Neanderthals his companions because they did not have the capacity to grow into the intelligent and beautiful champion he wanted. So from the DNA and minerals and chemicals available he grew Adam. And it was good until Adam complained that he wanted a mate actually to mate and god built Eve. Then of course all hell broke out.

    Unfortunately over the billions of years God had spent developing his own intelligence he had no idea about parenting. Nor would he become aware of the potential of human suffering until with puzzlement he saw it but could not experience it. Without empathy he overreacted when Adam and Eve failed to mind him and like us when a lovely innocent puppy dog craps on the carpet he beat them into submission. And hence the debacle of Adam and Eve. The flood was another low point and then after that over reaction he decided to be more hands on and walked on the earth in person trying desperately to interact with people like Abraham and Lot and most egregiously with Job. But it was the tortured Job who shamed God with his suffering. God tried but failed to understand the extent of human suffering.

    Finally he painted himself into a corner after meddling in the affairs of Israel. So he withdrew leaving everything on earth in a state of flux. He sits to this day in deep, silent and brooding space unattached from his beloved but failed creation...mankind. He awaits for the next big bang to absorb him back into the black energy and perhaps giving him another opportunity to try again and hopefully the second time around to get it right.

  • adamah

    Bohm, you should start a parallel thread: "Believers, what is the best argument AGAINST God?"

    RVW said- Adam, oh yeah? Well then, how did the puddle come to be?

    You mean to tell me that you don't know that puddles (actually baby ponds) are delivered by storks, water birds? Hydra, the water God, actually made them, though.

    (Don't ask me who made Hydra, tho....)

    Jgnat said- Don't tell me they are of this earth.

    Uh, jgnat, did you know that rhubarbs are of this Earrrr..... Uh, they come from this ear, that's it!

    BTW, Bohm, I was offering the banana as only a slightly more outlandish "argument" from fine-tuning, since that's kind of the point of Ray Comfort's "argument": he was saying that bananas are proof of God, since they fit into our hands so well, as if they've been designed around us and our needs.

    It's silly when considering the banana, and it's silly when considering the hubris of the sentient puddle thinking the shape in the ground it fits so well was designed for it.

    Outlaw, "Oh, Canada!"

    That maple leaf bikini is about as close as any argument that proves the existence of God that I can imagine, and come to think of it, that's about as much of a spiritual experience as I could imagine, too (and not really; I've spent too much time looking at the hard evidence to ever be a theist again).


  • prologos

    perhaps I am a deist, an atheist in the sense of not believing in any fairytale god, but in a master worker.

    What give more credit to a maker if his product is totally self developing, self repairing, tuning, self replicating, requiring no further tinkering?

    and would it not be the ultimate selflesness to not beinga ble to be detected and thanked for, forstalling any idolatrous developments?

    The existence of the product is the best indicator of the maker, and we haveit.

    as to the eternity questions, beyond us, if you recognize our limtations, even with our best tools.

    Was ther always time, stationary time through which we move, most likely.

    Was there always energy, to be concentrated into a singularity that started expanding into matter in the beginning big bang? most likely.

    with the existence of these things, what is so un logical to have a super personal creator behind or before it all?

    after all we are doing the same in our small scale all the time.

    creating, the joy of creme de la creme.

    BSW grasses are great, The Palmtrees (really a grass, stood longest in Hyan) grasses have paralell grains in leaves, maximum tensile strength, minimum drag.

    Banans, rhubars fill a neat niche, but are not grasses ( ONE sprout plants), fitting perfectly into their environment, "with a little help from a friend". us.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    RVW said- Adam, oh yeah? Well then, how did the puddle come to be?

    You mean to tell me that you don't know that puddles (actually baby ponds) are delivered by storks, water birds? Hydra, the water God, actually made them, though.

    (Don't ask me who made Hydra, tho....)


    LoL Adam, so you ADMIT there IS a GOD!! And here you had me thinking this tree (see Avatar) completely 'stumped' you! Storks? Water birds? Baby ponds?

    Now I feel a little 'egret' (and it sure feels good) over my question to you. Let's 'leave' it at that.

  • jgnat

    Ummmm, there are different SIZE bananas. Smart girls know that each variety provides its own pleasure.


  • prologos

    In the orient, the most delicious babanas are those with seeds in them. little dark clusters.

    and those babana leaves have parallel grained leaves, easily torn when mature so are bananas grasses?

    freedom of creation out of control.

  • jgnat

    I am partly right. Bananas are not trees.

    clade monocots :

    • clade commelinids:
  • free2beme

    God is nothing more then a product of man taking one belief and adding on and making another religion. Everyone knows we are the product of alien seeding of this planet to make life in an experiment to see if humans can live deer from the deer planet, and pigs from the pig planet... and those crazy spiders from the spider nebula, and the mouse planet too... new episodes every Thursday on that series we all know and love... EARTH!

  • adamah

    Prologos said-

    The existence of the product is the best indicator of the maker, and we have it.

    Unfortunately, Bible God fails on that count, since an "Intelligent Designer" would reasonably be expected to be familar with basic details of "their" design. God of the Bible speaks like an ancient Egyptian physician when failed human anatomy, not knowing details that even a modern 6 y.o. would know.

    Few believers realize that the creation narrative of Genesis 1/2 is constructed in order to achieve a theological message: Jehovah's dominance over the other pagan gods worshipped in the Ancient Near East, by saying that Jehovah CREATED the objects that the Hebrews' neighbors were worshipping as deities (eg the Egyptians worshipped Sun God, Ra and the Moon). The entire narrative doesn't reflect an awareness of reality (which is obvious, since the account says God created plants BEFORE he created the Sun? Someone clearly never heard of photosynthesis?), but the tale was simply a way to acheive a theological end, not a scientific one.

  • Twitch

    If god didn't create anything, then nothing would exist to call him god, thus he couldn't be god, so it was inevitable and always was :P

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