Finally sending a letter to the elders today

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  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    Figured I'd give them a shot to explain why I was expelled from the congregation 23 years ago without counsel or a JC. Here you go:

    Dear Sirs:

    I attended the XXXX Congregation in the mid-1980s as a teenaged unbaptized publisher. I left the area to attend university at XXX in 1988. I understand that in 1990, it was announced to the members of XXXX Congregation that I was no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Since that time, I have been shunned by all members of my family, as is consistent with past and current Witness teaching.

    As I was not counseled or personally notified of this decision, and as the shunning remains a source of great strife and harm in my family, I respectfully request the following:

    1) Kindly advise exactly what was published to the congregation regarding my status. I have heard both "disassociated" and "no longer an approved associate" being used. Is either accurate?

    2) Kindly advise what was the basis for this decision, upon whose information or testimony this decision was reached, and whether the basis for the decision was announced or private.

    3) Please explain why this decision was made without a judicial committee or elders' counsel.

    I appreciate any insight you can lend.

    Suraj Khan

  • jwfacts

    Please keep us updated as to the reply you receive. You deserve to know. To expel and punish a member with shunning, without a fair trial or revealing the crime is worse than even the most despotic rulerships.

  • Laika

    I've seen the reply, it goes like this:

  • Laika

    Seriously though, I hope I'm wrong and you can get some kind of closure.

  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    My reasoning for sending the letter really isn't about me at all. They can all go hang for all I care. However, my (in) little brother has already admitted that 'mistakes were made' and 'it would be different now'. I'm hoping to use their response, or their failure to respond, to help open his eyes.

  • konceptual99

    If you were never baptised the you cannot be disfellowshipped or even DA yourself.

    Anyone who is not baptised and and then is no longer qualifies to be an unbaptised publisher is just considered a person of the world

  • blondie

    There was a time before 1988 when unbaptized publishers (approved associates) were dealt with like baptized jws and could be df' was changed.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, good luck with your letter. So sorry to hear about your treatment from family.

  • Suraj Khan
    Suraj Khan

    Blondie is correct. Hence my question regarding what terminology they used when they announced their action from the podium.

    In any event, whatever they said resulted in 23 years of shunning.

  • RayPublisher

    Great idea to write this- please update as events unfold SK!

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