just got my first shun.:(

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  • KWJoe

    The only time being shunned really bothered me was attending the funeral of my best friend, of 30 years. I had been df'd for about 2 years when my friend died. I drove over 600 miles to attend the funeral. I was greeted/offered sympathy by at least a dozen JWs, who knew of our long time friendship. However, one "brother" stood right beside me....looked right through me, without acknowledging my existence. The reason it bothered me, is I had allowed the "brother" to live in my house, rent free for almost two years, so that he could relocate to marry a local sister. When I was driving out of the parking lot of the funeral home, my friend's wife, blocked my car and made me get out so that she could hug me and thank me for coming.

  • unstopableravens

    you all all right, its very disrepsectful, and tec amen. i guess its easy to give advice and i need reminders to keep my own. thanks tammy

  • rebel8

    The technique has been tested over many years of human history, and perfected. That's why it caused the reflex of feeling bad. These bullies are using tactics they calculated to hurt!

    I don't know your personality but I tend to respond with screwing with their heads. I've been known to drool, throw my head to the side, let my eyes roll back in my head, and babble in a low, gutteral voice, for example. Bonus points if you throw in the names of the main bullies. I challenge you to find 1 dub on the planet that will not be freaked the hell out by this.

    Go on the offensive, I say. Mess with their already-messed up minds. Sometimes this is the only language bullies understand.

  • Kojack57

    What you should have done, is go in, sit down, where they were conversing and say "How are my former CULT buddies doing"?

  • LogCon

    " Anyone interested in the names, addresses and phones numbers of Witnesses who have talked to me even though they are supposed to shun me?"

  • GromitSK

    Cofty's and Cold Steel's suggestion that a bit of humour can prick such a sanctimonious bubble is good advice imho. Think of a few sharp one liners, even if you don't say them out loud - "I see it's the traditional warm Christian welcome for me then lol" for example. Poking fun at such a pompous attitude will soon deflate it, especially if others see it. By their fruits you will know them.

    Mel Brookes is a master of the art.

  • jhine

    Jesus said "love your enemies , pray for them that hate you " slight paraphrase but you get the drift . The best way to show who is the Christian is to pray ( loudly ) for them while they are there and heap burning coals on their heads . It would also shift them pretty quick !!


  • EdenOne

    Being publicly confrontational towards a JW to make them feel uncomfortable is an asshole strategy. You're attacking the person, not his ideas, because you have the intent to humilliate them in public. It's all about YOU feeling good about it. You won't win anyone to your field, rather, you generate even more radicalism on the other side.

    On the other hand, [back to the OT] if someone would shun me inside my own house, I would ask them to leave there and then.


  • jhine

    Good point , emphatically made Eden One



    The point of shunning is to shame you. That's why the Borg adopted it. Without forced conformity [ unity ], the ORG would collapse. That's why nu-light on shunning was invented! Everyone one else is scared and ignorant. They fear the future, they fear death. The Org is a security blanket for truly ignorant and frightened JWs. FEAR is the reason that they cannot listen to "apostates." They cannot entertain the idea of being wrong for one second, it's simply to frightening. The implications are too terrible, or so they think.

    There is no fear in love...


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